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Welcome to Online Casino Rivals - honest and credible online casino comparison site. Our site is an encyclopedia of online casinos. You'll find here casino reviews, bonuses, casino games, industry news, and much more. Our site is developed by industry leaders who are casino players as you. Learn more about our site and people behind it.

Word from the Founder

Online Casino Rivals is an idea that was birthed in November 2016 and it took almost two years to launch the site and bring it into reality. The idea was born from the love of online casinos and their games and the drive to help gamblers get more and play safe in online casinos. Our goal is to become the no 1 casino comparison site and with our dedicated and award-winning staffs on deck, we are dedicated to serving you and giving you the best information about online casinos. It will be in your best interest to take to heart our tips, advise and recommendations to gambling in online casinos. We also encourage you to keep checking the site for updates.

Our Values

Like any forward-thinking organization, at OnlineCasinoRivals.com we have some set of core values that defines us and serve as the basis and guidelines of all our activities (reviews, articles and information etc.) that we dole out to our readers. They are:


We care about our reputation and we highly value our readers trust and confidence in us and that is why we make sure we get our facts right and only release credible information and reviews that has been crosschecked, proved and reviewed by our team. For example, when reviewing casinos, we make certain that the casinos we recommend are licensed and actually among the best in the market, so that our beloved readers will not be disappointed when they visit these online casinos.


We understand the importance of accuracy and precision in online casino business, and that is why we built a team that operates with efficiency, producing accurate and precise results when carrying out several functions offered by the site such as comparing casinos, giving information about casino games, payment methods, bonuses etc. If you get information here that a payment method does not require deposit fee or a maximum withdrawal limit, expect to find it so, we are that accurate!


We believe that honesty is the best policy, and it’s a philosophy that has guided all our activities on OnlineCasinoRivals.com. We imbibe trust, integrity and good ethics, in the way we get and update articles for our readers. We prize honesty as an important aspect of our jobs, especially when comparing or reviewing casinos. we do not liaise or partner with casinos to offer biased reviews, neither do we receive reward or benefits from any before we list them on our site, we merely report the casino as it is and the general experience of those who have used the casino. You can trust us to give you the best and we always deliver!


We are very open with the way we conduct all our affairs at OnlineCasinoRivals.com, as we have an open policy that is accessible by all. For instance, we are in the habit of releasing the criteria that is used to select top casinos on our site. These include Licensing, Security, Customer care service, Bonuses, mobile compatibility, website navigation among others. We want our readers to be more engaged and involved and we also value their ideas and input, which is why we made transparency as a core value in our identity.

Our Do’s and Don’ts


  • Write honest and unbiased reviews
  • Update information on a daily basis to keep you up to date with the online casino world.
  • Give you details about best casino bonuses you can get and what to avoid in online casinos.
  • Guide you in choosing casinos and playing casino games.
  • Help you decide the payment method that is best for you.
  • Review sites extensively before listing them on our site.


  • We don’t encourage you to gamble, especially if you are susceptible to or have a problem with gambling.
  • Don’t take money for better reviews or generate false reviews.
  • We don't list bad sites as top online casino sites.
  • We don't give invalid reports.

People Behind OnlineCasinoRivals.com

At OnlineCasinoRivals.com we have the best proffesionals in the industry on our team and they are dedicated and committed to the progress of OnlineCasinoRivals.com and the utmost enjoyment and satisfaction of our readers. Our wonderful team are:

Daniel Greenberg

Daniel Greenberg grew up in Newcastle and had always loved sports since he was a young boy. He started working in the online casino industry at age of 22, when he got a job in an online sportsbook as a content writer. He founded OnlineCasinoRivals.com in November 2016 to be a guide and an authority on anything online casinos related.

Mike Lake

Mike Lake is a wordsmith, editor and a talented writer. He studied English in a Malta university and after working for some casinos and blogs, joined OnlineCasinoRivals.com in 2017 as a senior content writer specialising in casino's reviews.

Kate Brown

Kate Brown grew up in the city of Las Vegas and is OnlineCasinoRivals.com games specialists. She is authority on casino games and supervises all content pieces about casino games.

Linda White

Linda White is currently the head of the news department of OnlineCasinoRivals.com which is in charge of monitoring and getting updates on the latest happenings in the casino industry. She is passionate about iGaming industry.

Jenna Tomlinson

Jenna's love for the casino industry grew when she did a research on online Roulette. Having had experiences as an online casino content writer, she joined OnlineCasinoRivals.com as a content writer and updates the site with the latest news in the gambling industry. 

Jake Andrews

Jake Andrews is a professional poker player. He is an authority on casinos and the gambling industry and works as a freelancer at OnlineCasinoRivals.com. He specialises in online casino promotions and bonuses.

Closer Look At OnlineCasinoRivals.com

At OnlineCasinoRivals.com, we publish anything and everything related to casinos such as casino bonuses, casino games, casino payment methods, casino liicensing authoritie etc. We also publish comprehensive guides on casino games and any aspect of the casino that a gambler might need help on or may not understand well. We also carry out Casino reviews and recommend the top casinos as reviewed by our expert reviewers. Some of what we do are explained in details below:

Casino Reviews

We save you the trouble of trying casinos or looking for top casinos from the countless lists of online casinos in the market. We simply review casinos and recommend the best ones to our readers. We have a team of expert reviewers purposely hired for this and they review based on well laid down criteria such as licensing, safety and security, website navigation, Bonuses etc. Any casino that does not meet these crtiteria is below par and therefore better avoided.


We are dedicated to giving you all you need to know about casino bonuses, the forms and types of online casino bonuses, where and how to spot the best online casino bonuses, the wagering requirements and the various criteria you are required to check before you are eligible to withdraw them.

Game Guides

Our goal is to furnish you with all the necessary information about casino games, the types and the different variations available, how to play casino games, the strategies that can help you in earning and winning more. We will also enlighten you on terms like maximum bet limit, game odds, house edge, Mobile Games, downloadable and browser-based games etc.

Free Casino Games

Apart from improving your knowledge on casino games, you will also get information about free casino games on our site, that is, casinos that offer free demos of their games that you can play before you start wagering real money. Our job is to tell you the casinos offering it, where you can find free casino games on the net and how you can play them.

Why OnlineCasinoRivals.com Is Right for You?

You cannot go wrong by subscribing to our website and reading our articles and guidelines because we only publish the best articles that are sure to help you as you sojourn in the world of online casinos. Our reviews are honest, precise and accurate, and the casinos we recommend are among the best casinos you can find in the market. We are also very consistent in our updates.

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