Daniel Greenberg - Founder, Chief Editor

Daniel was born and bred in Newcastle, UK. He grew a fascination for sports at a young age and grew up to love and be a strong supporter of his home club - Newcastle United, when he was a teenager, he held a season ticket and attended each and every game of his beloved team. His biggest passion was always sport, especially football, he even tried training with and joining the football team of his school but unfortunately, he was never good enough to become a professional player. In his own words, 

After I was not shortlisted to play in the school team, I knew that I was not born to play on the pitch, I was in fact fascinated by another aspect in the sports industry

He knew then that he wanted to be very close to the sports industry so since he has a flair for writing and loves commenting on sporting related issues, he decided to write about sports. At the age of 18 he moved to London where he started studying sport journalism. At this time, he was also working part-time as a freelancer. He was writing articles, blogs, news for various media outlets and magazines. At some point he shifted his focus and started writing more on sports betting and casinos online. And this was his very first encounter with the online casino world.

In a short while, Daniel got very intrigued by the casino industry and wanted to learn more about the industry. After his graduation at the age of 22, he got his very first full-time job in an online sportsbook as a content writer. At the age of 25, he moved to Malta where he was working for various online casinos, where he worked as both a writer and a marketing manager. Within 10 years in Malta, he learnt everything about online casinos and became an authority on the online casinos subject.

Daniel enjoys playing slots and Table Games every now and then. He founded Oonlinecasinorivals.com in November 2016 to be a guide and an authority on anything online casinos related. He was working alone at the start of his establishment, however as the website grew and readers base increased, he started expanding his team. Nonetheless, as the CEO and also chief editor of the website. He always gives the last touch to all content pieces and makes sure that they are on point, interesting and educating for readers.

Casino reviews are his main speciality. He and several other reviewers on the team tests new casinos every day to rate their status in the casino world. He still lives in Malta and doesn’t want to go back to the UK. In his free time, he plays amateur football with his mates. In summary, Daniel is a walking encyclopaedia when it comes to casino games and online casinos and he is also an advocate of responsible gambling and has championed many causes to that effect.

Quick Facts About Daniel

Name and Surname: Daniel Greenberg

Job title: Chief editor

Start date: November 2016

Nationality: British

Current location: Malta

Age: 36

Interests: Sports (Football and Tennis), Writing and Casinos

Dream destination: Madagascar

Favourite slot game: Dead or Alive from NetEnt

No. 1 Online casino: Dunder Casino

Interview with Daniel

Q: What is your role in OnlineCasinoRivals.com? What are your daily responsibilities?

A: I am the chief editor of OnlineCasinoRivals.com, my roles are to oversee the runnings of the website and vet the articles before they get published. I also delegate duties to the members of the team and work with them in getting resources, information and sourcing for our articles.

Q: When you are a kid, did you envision yourself doing this?

A: Not exactly, I have always been involved in sports, though I didn't know I would be involved with casinos as a content editor, but right from the beginning I always knew that I would be engaged in something related to sports, gaming or writing.

Q: What do you like about the industry?

A: The casino industry is a multibillion-dollar industry which keeps growing everyday because it caters for the entertainment needs of people especially the online ones which allows you to play games without the necessity of going to a land-based casino. The recent innovations in the industry are top notch and amazing, games are not what they used to be when I was a boy, the industry is growing rapidly and that's what I love about the industry.

Q: How do you think this industry will look like in 5 years?

A: In 5 years, time, more innovations would have been introduced into the casino industry, casino games would be more accessible, there will be increase in graphics definition, etc.  Ten years ago, we didn't have casino gamification, now it is everywhere! In summary, I see a more booming industry with new features gamblers will find enjoyable.

Q: Do you gamble yourself?

A: Of course, I love gambling, it is one of the things I do in my past time, when need to relax, I go to a casino and play my favorite slot game but now I don't have to go to a casino, I just take out my phone and gamble on the go. However, I set limits for myself when gambling and I don't go beyond it.

Q: Where do you see OnlineCasinoRivals.com in a couple of years?

A: If we continue at this growth rate, I see OnlineCasinoRivals.com becoming the first and foremost online casino authority website in the future, I see us taking no.1 on every top online casino guide site ranking in the world.

Q: Do you think anyone can make for a living by gambling?

A: I would not really advise anyone to try and make a living out of gambling, because gambling as we all know is a Game of Luck. If you win today, there is a high chance of you losing tomorrow, even if you are a professional at some of the casino games, you can't win every time in a casino and gambling everytime in order to eke out a living will only result in you getting addicted which is bad for your financial stability.

Q: Do you have any advice for casino players visiting OnlineCasinoRivals.com? Any messages/advice you’d like to give them?

A: Yes, I will advise readers to take their time, read and follow any of our guidelines to the letter, and when choosing online casinos, they should go with our recommended list because a lot of work was put into the process of reviewing sites before rating them and yes, they should also bookmark this site because we publish new articles every time to address occurring issues  and new trends in the casino world.

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