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Blackjack is also known as Twenty-One because the object of the game is to get a two-card hand that equals, but never exceeds the value of 21. Of course, sometimes it takes more than two cards to win. Depending on the cards you are dealt you might ask for more to try to get closer to 21, without busting. For those who have never played blackjack online it is feasible that you will have some questions. A lot about online blackjack will be similar to the rules in any land-based casino or home game you might have played. However, how to play online blackjack is always a good way to start learning about the nuances you might not know about. When it comes to real-money blackjack online you want to make certain you are making the right moves. Real-money blackjack means you can sustain losses from funds you treasure, so knowing what to do is important.

How to Start

Online Blackjack comes in a few variations, including the original game. The best thing is to start by learning how to play online Blackjack and then finding an online casino you can trust.

  • Read reviews regarding online casinos, their software, and licenses.
  • Choose a casino and set up a real-money account.
  • Fund the account with a deposit and a Welcome Bonus package.
  • Visit the Blackjack page.
  • Select the game you want to play based on the type and limit.
  • Start playing based on the rules you learn below.

Basic Rules when Playing Blackjack

Blackjack online has the same basic rules that any casino or app will have. If you have ever played the game, then you are familiar with the cards having a value. The basic rules are explained here for online Blackjack to help you make smart wagers.

Card Values

The card value is about assigning certain numbers to the cards that will help you achieve the goal of Blackjack, which is to reach 21.

Cards that have a number are valued the same as the number. For example, a two of hearts equals two points. A ten will still equal ten points. The face cards are where the differences lie, since they do not have a readily noticeable value. All face cards, except the Ace, are going to equal ten. The ace is different; it can equal one or eleven.


Busting or going bust is a situation in which your hand exceeds 21. Anything over 22 means you busted. It is an automatic loss of funds to the house. It does not matter if the dealer busts because you went over 21. 

Hard vs Soft Hand

The ace is what makes a hand hard or soft. Yes, it comes down to a single card in the deck. It is all due to the ace being either 1 or 11. A soft hand means you have an ace in your hand. Let’s say you have a five and an ace. You could count it as six or sixteen, which provides less risk than if you had a queen and a five. If you decided to hit on a queen and five, receiving a 7 for your third card, you would end up going bust. However, if you had a five and an ace, and received a 7, you could count the hand as 13, instead of going bust.

Playing Options Explained

Beyond the basic rules in online Blackjack, you have some distinct rules that help you decide the strategy you are going to employ when playing the game.

Hitting Rules

Taking a hit is about taking another card. If you elect to “hit” it is due to the total value of your current hand, understanding that you could bust if the card is too high a value. Strategies have been devised about when it is best to hit, stand or double down. It is also going to depend on how many decks are in the game. A good rule is that you never hit if you have 16 or higher because the odds of getting a card that makes you go bust is higher. The dealer typically has to hit on a value of 16 or 17. It depends on the casino you have chosen.

Standing Rules

You play against the dealer, so even if you are playing a multiplayer game, you have to be concerned with what the dealer’s top card is, as well as other players. You may want to stand if you have 16 or higher so that you do not go bust. It also depends on whether you have an ace in your hand that could be valued as 1 or 11 depending on the other card in your hand. The dealer has other rules based on the casino. It is best to check with the terms and conditions of the game to see if the dealer must stand on 16 or 17 or take a hit.

Pair Splitting Rules

Splitting is only possible when the player has two cards of the same. If you have two queens of hearts, you can split it and make two hands. The question of whether you would want to is where strategy comes into play. Typically, a person does not want to split anything higher than a nine. They also want to split two aces. If you split your hand, you will have to make a secondary wager that matches the first. Two nines equal 18, but if you split them, you could gain an ace, making your hand 19 or 10. When it comes to values of ten, and you have two cards of the same face and value, you risk losing against the dealer versus keeping the value of 21 that you have. It is a choice and should be based on the dealer’s face card.

Doubling Down Rules

A player will increase their wager 100% but must stand once one more card is provided. The idea is the player believes they will reach 21 or as close to 21 as possible and win against the dealer; therefore, the bet is increased for a better payout.

Surrender Rules

Surrender is about folding. If a player surrenders, they lose half the bet. There are two possible options an early or late surrender. A late surrender is when the dealer checks for Blackjack. For early surrender, you will want to take back half your winnings if the dealer is showing an ace and you have a hard 5-7, 12-17, or pairs of 3s, 6s, 7s, or 8s. If the dealer is showing a 10 and you have a hard 14-16 or pairs of 7s and 8s, you also want to surrender.

Insurance and Even Money

Insurance is a type of side bet that some online casinos offer. The side bet is a 2 to 1 payout, where you would receive 2 dollars for every one you bet. Insurance is only possible when the dealer shows an ace. If you win, you get paid; however, if the dealer wins you lose the wager, but you get your insurance back, so you break even. The insurance is there in the event the dealer has 21. So, if you lose your regular wager, you get a payout for the insurance, and therefore break even.

Understanding the Casino Edge

Blackjack, in most casinos, has a 0.5% house edge, but it can be as much as 2% depending on what strategy you play. The house edge is always based on the potential for you to win against the dealer. The more decks in the game, the higher the house edge is going to be. The casino is always going to have an advantage over the player. It is also going to affect you greatly based on the size of the wager you make. Blackjack has one of the better house edges when it comes to online and land-based casinos.

Rules for the Dealer's Play

As stated above, the dealer has certain rules they need to follow based on the type of hand they have. A dealer will always have to hit when they have a soft hand, unless they have 21. The dealer for example, will need to hit on a soft 16 or 17. They also need to hit on a hard 16. Each casino has specific rules, listed in the games rule book, so make sure you read through it before you start playing.

Different Types of Blackjack

There are diferent types of Blackjack you can play online. Their rules slightly differ frome ach other and each type has got something else to offer. You can choose to play standard Blackjack or any of recommended types:

Why Play Blackjack Online

Playing Blackjack online let’s you experience the fun of a casino game from your home. Yes, you could go to a land-based casino and enjoy the ambiance. But, when you are home, you can sit in a comfortable chair, choose the game, the background music, and even what you have to drink and eat. You can smoke or curse, converse or chat, and simply enjoy being home, relaxed, and thinking about strategy to win.

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