Multihand Blackjack Online | The Ultimate Guide to Playing Multihand Blackjack

Multihand Blackjack online is one option for players to enjoy the game of 21 from their home. This guide is meant to teach you the multihand Blackjack rules, including how to play multihand Blackjack. For players who enjoy the game and wish to make money it is possible. Online casinos offer several variations of the game 21, including real-money multihand Blackjack. Throughout this guide, you are going to learn about real-money multihand Blackjack online, the rules, and where to play the game.

What is Multihand Blackjack?

Online multihand Blackjack has the same rules as a single deck. Your goal is still to try to get 21 without busting. You are also trying to have the better hand than the dealer, as well as to avoid a situation, where the dealer can “push.” A tie is going to end in a push, where you play another hand to determine who wins. The idea behind multihand Blackjack is to play more hands at a time to win more. Several versions of online multihand Blackjack are available including classic, Atlantic City, and European. Players can choose to wager on one up to five hands.

How to Start Playing?

Multihand Blackjack online is available from several software providers. You will want to review online casinos that offer the game variation you are looking for before you register at a casino.

  • Choose a casino you can trust.
  • Make a deposit and accept the bonus that works best for you.
  • Find the Blackjack variation.
  • Load the game.
  • Decide if you are going to wager on one card hand or five. If you wager on more than one hand, you need to place a bet for all the hands you play. It should be an even wager across the hands. However, some games do let you make different sized bets. It is up to you.

Multihand Blackjack Rules

Multihand Blackjack online offers the same rules as the original variation. The only change is being able to play more games in one round.

Card Values

The card value is important for playing Blackjack with success. The 2 thru 9 are valued based on their numbers. The 10 through king are all equal to 10 points. The ace is 1 or 11 depending on the other cards in your hand.

Hard vs Soft Hand

A soft hand is one where you have an ace because you can determine whether you use the ace as a 1 or 11. If you have a 10, jack, queen, or king, the ace would be 11, and you would have 21. If you have a five, you might want the hand to equal 6 if you take a new card and 11 would make you bust. The hard hand in multihand Blackjack online is one without an ace, so two value cards that make up a specific value that cannot change regardless of the card you get.


Going bust, busting, or to bust in multihand Blackjack is all about going over 21, instead of staying under it or getting 21. It means you have lost the hand to the dealer because your cards are too high.

Playing Your Multihand Blackjack Hands

Now that you understand the reasons someone might play online multihand Blackjack and the goal, it is time to examine how you might play the game. Blackjack, whether you play with one hand, multiple hands, or multiple decks is about strategy. If you play a single deck game, then you have a better strategy choice versus a multiple deck or other players sitting at the table. You have the ability to look at what has occurred in the one to five hands, and what the dealer is showing to decide how you want to proceed with your hands.


When you decide to ‘stand’ you are not going to take any more cards from the deck on that particular hand. You can stand on one hand and not the other two to four that you play. The decision is based on each hand and what is happening with them regarding the two original cards.


Hitting means you take at least one more card. If you see that the third card is still low enough that you may not bust, you might elect to ‘hit’ and get another card. In most Blackjack games you can have five cards in the hand if they are low enough, without going bust.

Double Down

Doubling down is when you decide that one more card is enough. You are not going to take any more cards and go with the flow on what you gain. The key to choosing this maneuver is to add more to your initial wager. You may feel you can win with the hand if you have just one more card.


A split is where you have two of the same card and break it into another hand. You could wind up playing more than five hands if you split one. You would have to pay a starting bet to split the hand and continue playing.


There is early and late surrender, where you decide that getting back half your initial wager is better than the potential loss you face due to the dealer’s hand. If a dealer is showing an ace, you can decide to surrender and end the game, or you can wait, let the dealer check what they have, and then conduct a late surrender.


The insurance option is part of some Blackjack variations. It is a secondary bet when the ace is showing, where you can elect to protect yourself by making a new wager and potentially losing the hand you are playing. With multihand Blackjack it is not always available.

Difference Between Multihand and Standard Blackjack

As discussed above, the rules of Blackjack are the same between standard and multihand—it is the change in how many hands you can play. At most in a standard Blackjack game, you can split two of the same cards and end up playing two hands. With multihand Blackjack online, you not only have the choice to split in a given situation, but of playing up to five hands to start the game.

Why Play Multihand Blackjack

Most players like the odds of playing more hands. There is a potential of losing one or all five hands, and therefore more on the wager, but there is also a way to win more. In a single hand, there are four cards on the table, unless you are also playing a multiplayer game. You know what three of those cards are but have to worry that the single deck will not provide the right ones to you when you ‘hit.’ With multiple hands, you know more about what cards are left in the deck, which helps you plan a strategy that accounts for the potential winning hands.


For those who need quick answers or have never played Blackjack in an online casino, here are some additional thoughts.


Can I count cards in online Multihand Blackjack?

Counting cards is an illegal concept with any casino; however, the situation changes online because you are not physically able to change the cards, influence the cards, and the dealer is often virtual. You can keep track of what cards are in your hands and devise a probability strategy for what cards may appear in the deck next.


Is the game based on a Single Deck?

Most online casinos use a random number generator and often do not reveal if the game is single or multiple deck. However, you can look through the rules, ask the casino, and attempt to determine if it is a single deck based on the house edge. A higher house edge often means more decks are involved in the game.


What if I see patterns as I play?

It is possible that patterns will result in online game play if someone has manipulated the casino software. It does not happen often, and casinos have third-party audits to check for such a situation. However, if you are counting cards, recording gameplay, and find a pattern—stop playing and contact the casino. No pattern should exist with a random number generator.


How do I get paid?

As long as you have a real money account, you will get to keep your winnings. These winnings can be removed via your banking page, where you click on withdrawal, and start the process of removing the funds.


What is the best strategy for Multihand Blackjack?

The strategy is always up to the player. It is always a good idea to demo a game before you play, to ensure you know the rules, as well as to test different strategies. You want to take your time, look at your cards, and know how the game is created, i.e. one or more decks.

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