Online Keno | The Ulitmate Guide to Playing Keno Online 2024

Keno online is the same game you will find in land-based casinos, which means you have access to a lottery game that uses cards and when numbers are drawn you may win. Online Keno offers the same great fun as the land-based casinos, without the business of the casino floor and other distractions. It is best to learn the Keno rules before you play. If you need to know how to play Keno, you are in the right place. The rules for Keno are explained here in a comprehensive guide. Along with the rules of Keno, are strategies to help you play.

What is Keno

Keno is a lottery style game, like bingo because numbers are drawn and compared to those on the ticket. The reason it is also like lottery is—players choose certain numbers that are “drawn” during the game and win if those numbers are drawn. So, in lottery you wager on numbers you hope will win, Keno does the same. But you also have a card like bingo, which has 80 numbers on it.

How to Play Keno Online - Rules Explained

To play Keno you need to decide if you are going to go to a land-based casino or find an online casino that offers Keno

  1. Get a Keno card. In land-based casinos they are often on tables throughout the floor and restaurants. If you sign up for online gaming, there is a casino game area that lists Keno as a choice.
  2. Select the numbers you want to play. Keno is arranged in eight rows with 10 columns to make up the 80 numbers. You can choose one to ten numbers, up to 20, or even all 80. There are also quick pick options that uses a random number generator to pick for you.
  3. Select the wager you want to make whether it is a dollar or more. You can also wager on groups of numbers by increasing the wager.
  4. Give your Keno card to a casino worker or choose the correct button on your screen to see if you have the winning numbers.
  5. The worker will come back with winnings if you win. If you use an online casino, the computer will automatically provide the winnings.

Once you learn how to play the game you can start to mix it up with diverse types of tickets and combinations to increase your options of winning.

Keno Strategy

Learning the rules of Keno is imperative to your strategy. Here are some tips.

  • Understand the Keno game you have chosen in the online casino. There are different tickets and games that determine the type of wager you need to place.
  • Make sure to grab a casino bonus from the online casino to increase your chances of winning without risk to your own deposit.
  • Practice in demo mode before you use any of the money you must fund your account.
  • Pick numbers based on the risk you are going to assume. For example, the more numbers you play the higher your chances of winning, but you do not want to have a one to one payout either.
  • Try to be random in your number choice, rather than always going with your lucky numbers.
  • If the casino offers the information, peruse the recently called numbers. These numbers tell you what was last called, which can help you strategize about potential probabilities.
  • Always factor the odds when you play Keno
  • Use risk management techniques when you place your bets.
  • Never chase your losses by increasing your next bet. Manage your money to keep playing.

Payout Percentage

The payout percentage in Keno is based on the amount of numbers you pick, and the software being used. For example, Real Time Gaming says their game’s payout percentage for a one number pick is 75%, which means 75 percent of the time, you can win picking one number. The odds are always higher for the more numbers you wager. Most software companies have similar payout percentages for one number, but vary greatly the more numbers you wager on, such as a pick two on Playtech is 92.09% for the payout percentage. Look at the table before you make a wager, consider the odds, and then follow through with your wager.

Tips for Playing Keno

Anyone, whether you are a beginner or long-time player of Keno can use some tips for strategizing correctly. Here are five tips for playing Keno online.

  1. Choose a casino that offers the best payout percentages for the game.
  2. Play in demo mode before you wager real money. By playing for free, you get to check strategies, assess the game rules, and ensure that in this uncomplicated game, you know what you are doing.
  3. Most strategists will tell you to wager on 4 to 8 numbers, instead of 15 to 20 numbers. You have a chance to gain higher winnings. Also, if you wager more than eight, you are only going to break even instead of making money.
  4. Choose consecutive numbers or “cold ones.” Cold numbers are those that have not appeared in the last several draws, which tends to make it likelier that they will appear as winning numbers sooner rather than later. Consecutive numbers also help you be close to the winning number.
  5. Always choose a reliable casino by reading through casino reviews that offer Keno online.

Short History of Keno

Keno is a Latin and French word, but it has been suggested that the game came from China. The legend says to finish building the Great Wall of China that the emperor created a “lottery” style game. In Chinese characters cards listed the first 80 characters and eventually, with a more global society the game made its way Around the World to Europe and Texas.


The following are terms you should familiarize yourself with to play Keno successfully.

ALL OR NOTHING – a wager where you wager “all” in the hopes of winning, but with the understanding that you also have a wager on nothing winning.

BALLS – in Keno the numbers occur on balls, much like bingo. Some of the balls are six sided to give you more numbers.

BLOWER – it is also possible in casino Keno to use a machine that has a blower, where the balls are spun, and then spit out as they come up.

BUBBLE – it is the glass container Keno balls are housed in, which has the blower to help randomly select the balls that display the winning numbers.

Keno BOARD – in casinos, the Keno board is where the electronic numbers are displayed to show the winners.

KING – is a type of number, a single number that a player wagers on in hopes of winning the highest payout.

WAY – a type of ticket where you choose between 1 and 15 and win according to the amount of numbers that are hit. A way ticket is designed to include more than one set of numbers as a single bet, so you might create a wager with 2, 19, and 37 for a three spot, and then place a wager for 3, 11, 41, 42, and 43 as a five spot.

WAY TICKET – see way.

HOUSE EDGE – the term for the favorable outcome for the casino. A casino is called a house and, in any game, including Keno, the house has an “edge” or advantage over the player.

PAY TABLE – a grid of information that shows the winning combinations and the payout for that combination.

Keno CARD – a sheet that you play numbers on to see if you can create a winning combination to gain money.

BET DRAW – the wager one places on the game, to be part of the draw, for winnings.

HIT – it is a reference to the numbers a player selects as those that will be drawn during the Keno round.

HOLD – a term for holding onto what one is playing.

WINNING NUMBERS – the numbers drawn that provide a payout to the player.

CALLER – like bingo, there is a person who calls out the numbers in Keno

PUNCH OUTS – it is a phrase for Keno in a land-based location, where the sheet is given to the Keno counter with the numbers punched through with small holes.

COMBINATION TICKET – selecting several numbers using more than one ticket or using more than one wager on a single ticket to ensure better odds.

DRAW – a draw is 20 numbers wagered that need to come up during the game play.

DRAW SHEET – a sheet that is provided at the Keno counter that shows the numbers drawn during previous games. The numbers will be punched out to show that they have been selected in recent drawings.

RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR – a creation to ensure randomness in online casino games, where algorithms are used to ensure there is no pattern of numbers that appear or pattern of winning.

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