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Since online casinos came into the limelight, they have been looking for ways to allow gamblers who wish to play but do not have a bank account enjoy their games. They also needed to find a solution for gamblers who were not comfortable sharing their personal details online, details such as that of their debit and credit cards. One of the solutions provided is the prepaid method, making use of cards and vouchers. Most of these cards and vouchers are however only locally available to serve people of a particular region, Abaqoos being one of these vouchers.

Abaqoos is a top casino payment method for players residing in Hungary. Below we're presenting you with a list of top Abaqoos casinos online along with a detailed guide to Abaqoos casinos. Read our guide to find out what Abaqoos is and how to deposit and withdraw at an online casinos using Abaqoos.


What is Abaqoos and How to Start?

Abaqoos is a voucher system based in Hungary which provides gamblers who do not own a bank account or are not comfortable sharing their personal information such as the debit and credit cards information online a payment option, in fact, it doesn’t allow you to pay with your credit card. It is a very safe method of payment for local gamblers who want to make deposits into their different casino accounts across Europe. In order to make payments using Abaqoos, one needs to open an Abaqoos account through their website into which the purchased voucher(s) will be credited. Payment for Abaqoos vouchers can be made by bank transfer through Hungarian banks that accept this payment or by just walking up to one of Abaqoos’ branches. Hungarian banks that accept payments for Abaqoos vouchers are

  • OTP Bank
  • CIB
  • Erste Bank
  • Raiffeisen
  • Budapest Bank
  • K&H
  • Unicredit
  • MKB

Payment can also be made through the Hungarian Post office.

Currently, Abaqoos vouchers are only accepted by online casino sites and the Hungarian cultural events tickets website, Jegymester. However, the same voucher cannot be used for both purposes, once a voucher has been used for playing online casinos, it can only be used for that purpose that is, the voucher can no longer be used for Jegymester and vice versa. There is no limit to the amount of money that can be recharged on a voucher.

Abaqoos Payments at Online Casinos – How to Deposit with Abaqoos?

To deposit on Abaqoos, you need to open a free account with them through their website and then deposit money into this account either by a bank transfer from your account in the banks that are in partnership with Abaqoos, they’ve been listed above or by direct cash payment at any of their branches or supported bank. Your account will be credited immediately if you use the direct cash payment method but if you made a bank transfer, the speed of remittance depends on the bank. You will then need to register on an online casino that accepts Abaqoos as a form of payment. After doing this, all you need to do is to select Abaqoos as a payment method whenever the online casino requests for a payment method. You will then be redirected to the Abaqoos website, log in with your Abaqoos account details and confirm the payment. After making confirmation, the money should be immediately transferred to your online casino account. You will again be redirected back to the casino site and you are ready to go.  You can use this voucher more than once as long as you haven’t exhausted the money in it. There are no extra charges for this process asides your deposit.

Withdrawing Winnings at Online Casinos Using Abaqoos

Abaqoos can also be used to withdraw winnings from online casino sites. In doing this, your bank details will be required since the money will be transferred into your bank account via Abaqoos. Therefore, if you are not comfortable giving out your bank details, you may need to find another option to go round this. Also, unlike making deposits via Abaqoos, withdrawing winnings from online casino sites via Abaqoos has some additional charges attached to it. To buttress this, unless you have an e-wallet that does not accept withdrawals, you will always need to provide your bank details whenever you want to withdraw money from your online casino account.

Advantages of Using Abaqoos as a Casino Deposit Method


  • Making deposits are devoid of any extra or hidden charges, that is, it is entirely free.
  • You can recharge your voucher with as low as £10 and there is no limit to the amount of money you can recharge your voucher with.
  • Abaqoos vouchers do not have expiration time so you do not need to be in a hurry to use it.
  • The voucher can also be used more than once for the same payment purpose as long as there is still money in the voucher.
  • Abaqoos also employs a modern security system to keep data of their users private.
  • You pay only a small amount on withdrawals using Abaqoos and it is a very safe and profitable method of transferring funds from one account to another.
  • Users’ private details are not shared with the online casino site.
  • Abaqoos payments to online casinos are very fast which makes it possible for players to play their games as soon as they complete the payment request.
  • Abaqoos provides an additional service through its e-wallet (Abaqoos wallet) which is open to all customers of OTP Bank with an OTPdirekt contract.

Disadvantages of Using Abaqoos as a Casino Deposit Method


  • It is only available to people who bank with a Hungarian bank that is in partnership with Abaqoos.
  • The option is not available on a lot of online casinos.
  • A voucher cannot be used for more than one purpose. Once the voucher has been chosen for online casino payments, it cannot be used for ticket purchase and vice versa.
  • Withdrawals through the platform also require you to supply your banking details, the main thing you were avoiding.

How We Select the Best Abaqoos Online Casinos

In selecting which Abaqoos online casino or any online casino to indulge oneself in, questions regarding security and benefits do come into play. We thus select the best Abaqoos online casinos among all available casinos considering some critical factors. Some of which are


Top Abaqoos Casinos online are very secure and at all time, keep the information of their customers private. They also do what it takes through their programmers to prevent hackers from gaining access to their database.

Website Navigation

It is always easy to use online casinos accepting deposits with Abaqoos. All options are readily available on the web pages and you do not need a sitemap to get to the payment method or even choose what game to play. It is also not difficult to make withdrawals and deposit confirmations are always on time. They also ensure that their web pages have dynamic features that is, the pages automatically resize itself to fit any screen size.

Customer Support

This is also a very important criterion we look into when selecting the top Abaqoos casino sites. Top Abaqoos casino sites always make relationships with their customers a top priority and this can be testified to by those who have had a reason or another to contact their customer support.

Speed of Payout

Top Abaqoos casinos online always make payments to their winning customers in little or no time. As long as you do not have any issues with your bank, winners receive their money as quick as possible. There are also no taxes on your profit on the casinos side, you are paid what you win.


Online casinos accepting deposits with Abaqoos are fully licensed and recognised within the Hungarian jurisdiction and they have never been found contravening any regulatory measures at least to the best of our knowledge. They are therefore very trustworthy sites.



Why should I use Abaqoos to make payments?

If you are a gambler who reside in Hungary and are not willing to supply your debit or credit card details to an online casino site, then your best option is making payments with Abaqoos. They are very safe and do not require your banking details. All you need to supply while registering with them is a username and password.


Is Abaqoos accepted at all online casinos?

Not all online casinos have the Abaqoos payment option on their site. You may, therefore, need to look for other payment options available if you still wish to play on these sites.


Are there alternatives I can use instead of Abaqoos?

If you are outside Hungary and do not want to divulge your banking details to your casino site(s), then the Paysafecard is another option for you and it is readily available throughout the world, unlike Abaqoos.


Is my personal information safe?

Your personal information is very safe with Abaqoos and they do not even require many of them. All they need is your Abaqoos account’s username and password and they’ll take care of the rest. They make use of the latest modern encryption software to keep your supplied information safe.


Are there any fees?

There are no charges when making deposits using Abaqoos but there will be charges if you wish to withdraw via the platform since they need to transfer the money to your specified bank account.


What is the maximum amount I can deposit via Abaqoos?

There is no limit to the amount of money you can deposit via Abaqoos. You can deposit as low as $ 10 and as high as a million pounds.

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