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INSTADEBiT online casinos are those that accept this form of deposit. Online casinos accepting INSTADEBiT deposits are becoming more widespread; however, it is a specific option for Canadians only. As a limitation, it also means the casino has to accept Canadian players by being regulated by Kahnawake Gaming versus other licensing bodies. If you're based in Canada, and playing at Canadian casinos, we recommend that you deposit and withdraw with INSTADEBiT; it is a fast, hassle-free and, most significantly, secure payment method. Our experts have reviewed all Canadian casinos accepting INSTADEBiT, and compiled a list of top INSTADEBiT casinos online. On top of this, they've prepared a detailed guide to INSTADEBiT casinos including plenty of useful information about this payment method.


INSTADEBiT is an instant pay system, using a debit method. You can sign up for an account and instantly start using it, as long as you have a bank account in Canada. INSTADEBiT is not an electronic wallet and you are unable to directly deposit funds into your INSTADEBiT account via a bank account. You can accept funds and withdraw funds from the account. The funds can come from a person or merchant, and then you can withdraw funds to your bank account.

eWallets let you keep funds in a “balance” form such as you would a bank account. INSTADEBiT is different. You are actually drawing on the funds from the bank account you have tied to your INSTADEBiT account. Your withdrawal will also go into the bank account, if you want. You can have a “account balance” at INSTADEBiT like you would with PayPal.

The name INSTADEBiT implies that you are using a debit card style transaction, but with a service that allows you extra security and privacy, by offering a third-party system rather than direct knowledge of the bank account.

How to Open an INSTADEBiT Account

Players will need to open an INSTADEBiT account to use this deposit option. Visit the INSTADEBiT website. Find the “open account,” area and follow the prompts. You will need to establish a username and password. Once you have an account, you can monitor your transaction history, accept refunds, withdraw funds, and make payments. You can also maintain your personal information. Players will need to tie a bank account to the INSTADEBiT account, which requires a verification process.

 A small deposit will be sent from INSTADEBiT to your bank. You will need to verify this amount with your INSTADEBiT account by logging in and following the prompts. Once verification is completed, you can begin to use the account.

Remember it is like a debit or writing a check, in which the funds are going to be sent to the recipient and therefore, need to be available in your account to be withdrawn to the merchant.

INSTADEBiT Payments at Online Casinos – How to Deposit with INSTADEBiT?

Online casinos with INSTADEBiT deposits require you to log into the casino website. Visit the banking page. Select INSTADEBiT as your choice for deposits. Follow the prompts. In most instances, you will be asked to login to your INSTADEBiT account, initiate the amount of the deposit, and confirm the transaction.

Like debit cards, the transaction will be instantaneous. As soon as you confirm the transaction with INSTADEBiT, the casino will process the transfer and you will be able to start playing.

Withdrawing Winnings at Online Casinos Using INSTADEBiT

A nice feature of INSTADEBiT casinos online is the withdrawing of your winnings. INSTADEBiT allows for deposits, withdrawals, and refunds. You can login to the online casino, choose to withdraw using INSTADEBiT and enter the amount you wish to remove. The payout process will occur and provide the funds into your INSTADEBiT balance, which will show the funds available for debit.

The withdrawal method may vary based on the INSTADEBiT casino, in terms of steps and the payout processing time. Always check the terms and conditions to see if there are minimum and maximum limits. If you do not see INSTADEBiT in the withdrawal options, it may not be available at that casino.

Advantages of Using INSTADEBiT as a Casino Deposit Method

Knowing why to choose one type of payment method over another is helpful in making a decision on where to play at online casinos.

  • INSTADEBiT is available for withdrawal and deposit options at online casinos.
  • Players do not need to give their banking information to the casino.
  • The money is instantly transferred from the bank account via INSTADEBiT to the online casino.
  • There is an added layer of security.

How We Select the Best INSTADEBiT Online Casinos

What is the best INSTADEBiT online casino? How do we make that decision given the word ‘best’ is subjective? There are at least five ways we compare INSTADEBiT casinos online to help you make the choice for which is the top INSTADEBiT casino.


INSTADEBiT has security for their transactions, and players need the casino to offer the same option for personal and financial data protection.


Malta, Gibraltar, Canada, and many countries have licenses they will provide to online casinos, as well as regulatory bodies to ensure the licensed company maintains its good standing. We compare to make sure the casino is licensed for the areas they operate in.

Speed of Payouts

What if you need to withdraw your winnings and to see the funds in two weeks and not two months? The speed of payouts matter. You won the money, and now you want access to it in a fair and timely manner.

Game Selection

Some casinos have 700 games, which are about three-quarters slot machines. Other casinos offer 100 games that are at the table or via live dealer choices. Knowing the game selection helps you narrow down which places have the games you want to play.

Website Navigation

What happens if you want to make a deposit, but cannot find information about the banking details, until after you create a login? No one wants a site that is difficult to navigate or gain answers from, so reviewers determine how easy a site is to use even before creating a login.


Plenty of questions can exist about the top INSTADEBiT online casinos, and we have the most important answers here for you.


Why should I use INSTADEBiT?

INSTADEBiT is a way to use a debit card transaction, without actually using your debit card number. It makes the deposits instant.


Is INSTADEBiT accepted at all online casinos?

INSTADEBiT is an extremely specific payment method tied to Canadian bank accounts; therefore, it is not available at all online casinos.


Is my personal information safe?

Yes, in fact, it could be said that your personal information is safer since you are not using your bank account details, debit card, or other information that someone could use to access your money.


Are there any fees?

It is best to check the terms and conditions at the INSTADEBiT website to determine this answer. The online casinos do not show a fee for using this deposit and withdrawal method. From research, there is an indication that to make a payment to a merchant, such as an online casino there is a $1.95 CAD charge using one’s bank account. If the funds are in the INSTADEBiT balance account, there is no fee. For a withdrawal to the bank account from the balance account, there is a $2.00 CAD fee.


Can I claim a Welcome Bonus when depositing with INSTADEBiT?

Yes, the majority of Welcome Bonus options are for any new player to a casino; however, there are also specialty bonuses for certain deposit methods. If you select a credit card Welcome Bonus, you would not be able to use INSTADEBiT. Always check the terms and conditions of the Welcome Bonus to make sure you can access it.


How are my winnings paid?

You can withdraw your winnings back to the INSTADEBiT account.


How long do INSTADEBiT payouts take?

Each casino will have a different payout processing time, but in general up to three days is needed for the casino to start to process the transaction. During this period, you can change the amount, cancel, or continue the withdrawal. INSTADEBiT will have their processing time, which may delay seeing the funds in your balance account for a few days after “completed” shows up at the casino.


INSTADEBiT is a specialized deposit and withdrawal option at online casinos. INSTADEBiT casinos are those that have a Canadian registration and license and may also be regulated by another body like Malta. The main point is that the casino is legally allowed to operate in Canada for Canadian players. The reason for this specificity is INSTADEBiT can only be tied to a Canadian bank account. It does not work for non-Canadian bank account holders.

The advantages of INSTADEBiT are immense, since players keep their bank account anonymity, plus they can withdrawal casino winnings into this account. Yes, the drawback of who can use it is there, but overall, for the purpose of the payment system the advantages outweigh the cons.

Canadian citizens can feel safe going online, playing at INSTADEBiT online casinos, and withdraw their winnings based on the terms and conditions of the casino. With instant deposits, and timely withdrawals, players can be excited about the online entertainment.

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