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Technology grants us the power to do a lot of things from sending money to overseas relatives to finding information we desire. Players who have never heard of pay by phone casinos are probably thinking—don’t I already pay by phone—whenever I log into my bank to make a deposit? You could look at it that way, but it is actually a different system that might seem convoluted when you first learn about it. Our expers have prepared for you a detialed guide to Pay by Phone Bill casinos. The guide includes a detailed explanation of Pay by Phone Bill payment method along with a list of top Pay by Phone casinos



What Are Pay by Phone Casinos?

Pay by phone online casinos allows you to make a phone bill payment to your mobile provider. This money can then be sent via SMS messenger service to add money to your cash account at an online casino. You avoid giving a casino your personal banking details by using this method. All it takes is to have a mobile phone account and to ask the operator to charge your phone bill instead of using a credit card, debit card, or eWallet.

There are limitations with this method—the major one—you need to have a mobile phone provider that works with the Pay by phone casinos online. The process is in its infancy, which creates fewer online casinos accepting Pay by phone deposits than other deposit methods. Despite the limitations and the need to be in a country that will allow pay by phone choices, players are finding the advantages exceed the disadvantages.

How to Open a Pay by Phone Account?

You need a mobile phone that can send SMS messages. If you do not have an account with a mobile phone provider, then look at the Pay by phone casinos online that take this method of deposit and discover which companies work with the casinos to allow this deposit method. Once you have the provider, you can start a mobile phone account. The top firms offering pay by phone are Zimpler and Boku. They allow you to deposit and then you pay later using your mobile phone.

If you have a prepaid device, you can still have a pay by phone account. You just need to have enough credits on the phone to cover the deposit you are about to make. As soon as you have a mobile phone or have established an account with one of the pay by phone firms, you can make your deposit.

Pay by Phone Payments at Online Casinos – How to Deposit with Pay by Phone?

Depositing by phone requires players to visit the online casino’s site in the banking area. Select the type of method you wish to deposit with and then, using your computer, phone, or tablet you can make a payment. There are prompts to tell you the information required, such as your name, mobile phone number, and the amount. Some companies may require additional identifying details to help verify you are the one attempting to make the deposit. The SMS message will be sent, and a confirmation will show that you have provided the appropriate amount and requested the funds to be sent. You then confirm the message, and the transaction should be processed instantly, ensuring you have access to the funds.

Withdrawing Winnings at Online Casinos Using Pay by Phone Bill

Withdrawing winnings at online casinos using Pay by phone is not possible. The phone carrier charges you to send money to the online casino and adds it to their bill that they send you. At this time, they do not allow you to withdraw funds from the casino via SMS message, even if it would help pay the phone bill you have. Instead, you need to choose a different withdrawal method, such as Skrill, mobile banking, or Visa

Advantages of Using Pay by Phone Bill as a Casino Deposit Method

As a new method of depositing at online casinos, Pay by phone has several advantages that may make it the future of the online world.

  • You do not give the casino your bank details.
  • You just need a smartphone, tablet, or computer to make a deposit.
  • You can put money in your account instantly.
  • Little personal information is required.

How We Select the Best Pay by Phone Online Casinos

Selecting the best Pay by phone online casinos requires knowing what might different between the various casinos and what is most important to players. The following are ways our reviewers assess online casinos.

Payout Percentages

Fair play is a crucial factor and knowing the casino offers a high payout percentage even with random number generators makes it fairer than low percentages, where the casino keeps most of the money.

Customer Support

Pay by phone methods are new and plenty of questions may crop up that players need answered, beyond other account questions, thus knowing customer support is available is helpful.

Website Navigation

Getting around the website, finding the banking page, and answers to questions is also another way to distinguish casinos.

Game Selection

Not all casinos have the same game provider or the same high number of games, which is why looking at the game selection can help narrow down the choices.


Countries regulate online casinos and others flat out make it illegal to play online. Knowing a license is in good standing and from a regulated country ensures one’s safety.


All online casinos are held to certain security standards, but knowing which casinos have better security is also helpful.


Online casinos accepting Pay by phone deposits are new. There are plenty of questions about the way this works and the limitations. If those questions were not answered above, here are more answers that can help you decided if Pay by phone casinos are right for you.


When do I pay for the deposits?

Your deposits are going to appear on the phone bill for the current billing cycle. You may see the required payment in the monthly bill or if your cycle just started, you will see it in the next bill. You are going to make the payment to the phone bill, which includes the regular charges and any deposit you made at the casino.


What if in my country I cannot deposit via Pay by Phone?

Your country may not allow deposit via Pay by phone, but there are several options for depositing at online casinos. You can choose the one that suits you and is available to you.


Are pay by Phone deposits instant?

Yes, Pay by phone deposits are instant once you confirm by text message that you did mean to make the deposit. It typically, takes a few seconds for the process to be completed, but it will not take days.


What is the minimum/maximum amount I can deposit using Pay by Phone?

The minimum or maximum amount is based on the online casino terms and conditions. It will also depend on the type of pay by phone provider and account you have. If you use a prepaid card, then the minimum and maximum are what you have on the phone to use.


Are there alternatives I can use instead of Pay by Phone?

Yes, there are numerous alternatives to using the Pay by phone method for depositing at online casinos.


Is Pay by Phone safe to use?

Many would argue that paying by phone is safer than all other banking options because you only share your mobile phone number and never bank account details. It is true, and yes, Pay by phone is safe to use.


Can I use a prepaid phone account?

Yes, you can use a prepaid phone account. However, the funds will deduct from your remaining balance, which can limit the amount of money you can transfer.


Are there fees?

Yes, depending on the merchant offering SMS billing, you may see a 10 % or higher fee. Transaction fees are charged due to the higher operating costs the merchants have to send a deposit and then add it to a consumer bill. Many direct carrier billing options make the fee lower than the 40 % it used to be, but consumers may need to absorb the cost instead of the casino or carrier.


The top Pay by phone casinos are those that use Zimpler, Boku or other mobile phone provider services to help players make a deposit. Not all online casinos fit this category. The objective of the above is to help you find the best Pay by phone casinos online, so you do not have to guess who offers such a deposit method.

There are disadvantages like not being able to withdraw by making an SMS message back to your mobile phone provider, but perhaps that option is coming like it did for withdrawing back to credit cards.

The advantages are clear-cut where personal identity is safer for not providing a bank account or other financial information to gain the ability to play at an online casino. Review how the method works, before signing up, and enjoy the access you have to playing at an online casino.

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