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Prepaid cards are fast becoming the most patronized form of payment method used by gamblers in online casinos mainly because of its simplicity, fast registration process and security. Recently, most casinos have embraced prepaid cards as a method of payment. However not of all are as good as they claim. To save you from bad experiences and the stress of searching through countless sites online for the best prepaid card casinos, we have put together all you need to know about prepaid card online casinos and the best prepaid card casinos online.


What is a Prepaid Card?

Prepaid cards are a convenient and secure alternative to credit and debit cards. Prepaid cards are a type of payment cards with a monetary value stored on the cards themselves. They are usually anonymous, unlike debit cards, which are always issued to an individual account holder.

Also known as “stored-value cards”, prepaid card offers a safe and quick method of payment, accepted and widely used in land-based stores, online shopping and an increasing number of online casinos. It offers several advantages such as affordability, flexibility, security etc. which makes it a better option for gamblers than other forms of payment options in online casinos.

Types of Prepaid Cards

There are several types of prepaid-cards offered by online casinos, these includes prepaid debit cards, gift cards, virtual debit cards, and vouchers. These cards can easily be obtained from banks or financial institutions, brick-and-mortar stores or gas stations. The most popular and accepted prepaid card distributors are listed below: 


Citadel Direct is a direct payment method created by Citadel Commerce Corp that allows users to accept payments directly from the bank. Citadel Direct reduces the risks and the costs associated with internet transactions.


eCheck is a safe, secure and fast online payment method. It is very often used at online casinos and poker sites as one of the payment methods to load player’s account and withdraw money.


Entropay offers an easy and secure way to transact money online. Entropay uses the latest technological setups including 128bit encryption to secure customers funds and information.


ecoPayz is a payment method that allows you to receive, send and spend money worldwide all on one online account. It’s free and easy to open an account in minutes, even without a bank account or credit check.


Paysafecard is a popular alternative to eWallets and other commonly used payment methods. It is popular amongst gamblers who seek privacy and a secured payment method when gambling online.

Visa Prepaid

Visa Prepaid cards is a fast and secure mode of payment and it is acceptable in most casinos. A Visa prepaid card can either be disposable or re-loadable.

Mastercard Prepaid

Mastercard prepaid card is perhaps the most recognized and popularly used in most online or land-based casinos and stores all over the world. It offers a great way to manage your money, deposit and withdraw with ease and convenience.


iDebit is a popular payment method that connects consumers to their online banking directly from checkout, enabling secure, real–time payments without a credit card.

How to Apply for a Prepaid Card?

Prepaid cards can be obtained at financial institutions, purchased online or even bought at retail outlets. It all depends on the type of prepaid card you opt for. However, you can also apply for a prepaid card online by visiting the provider's site of your choice, then follow the on-screen instructions for registering an account, sign in and then request for a prepaid card. Delivery of card might be free or attract charges in some cases, depending on your location.

Prepaid Card Payments at Online Casino – How to Deposit with a Prepaid Card?

Depositing with Prepaid cards are quite simple and fast in online casinos, and that is why it is popular among players. To deposit using Prepaid cards, follow these steps:

Step 1

Sign into your casino account and visit the cashier /payment section on the casino website.

Step 2

Select Prepaid cards as a deposit option.  If you are using a prepaid debit or gift card by Visa, Mastercard, or American Express, you must select this option from the menu and provide the required information.

Step 3

You will be required to verify the transaction by entering the number and expiry date of your prepaid card, a PIN, and sometimes the name of the cardholder. Depending on the type and brand of the prepaid voucher, you may be required to provide other sensitive personal or banking information.

It is important to note that deposits carried out via prepaid cards does not incur additional expenses as most online casinos do not charge players for topping up their accounts, especially when using this method.

Withdrawing Winnings at Online Casino Using Prepaid Cards

Withdrawing in online casinos depends on the kind of prepaid card you are using. The procedure for withdrawal is usually the same as depositing- you sign into your online casino account, click on your desired withdrawal method, type in the amount, and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the payment. Once your withdrawal request has undergone all the routine checks which might be up to 48 hours, your money will be credited to you.  However, note that withdrawing funds using this method might cost a small fee. It is advisable to check your casino’s withdrawal policy and withdrawal limits before requesting for withdrawal.

Advantages of Using Prepaid Card as a Casino Deposit Method

There are a lot of benefits accrued to funding your account with a prepaid card. First is the ease of use. Apart from this it is also one of the fastest payment options to use, deposits are immediate and the process of registration is not complex.

Prepaid card offers a very safe and secure payment option, as customers funds and information are protected by high end security technology and they also offer players a certain level of anonymity.

Prepaid card help you control your spending, as you are able to set a reasonable limit on your gambling expenses when using a prepaid card.

Lastly, Prepaid card are the best choice for players with no banking accounts and can be reloaded and used for future deposits.

Disadvantages of Using Prepaid Card as a Casino Deposit Method

The first and perhaps most limiting drawback of Prepaid card is the problem of withdrawal. Only few online casinos accept prepaid card as a withdrawal option and in cases where it is not accepted, you either look for an alternative or have your winnings returned via a slow bank transfer or a check.

Some providers of prepaid cards require monthly or annual fees, which are fixed and can reach up to $ 10 a month and if you are carrying out an international transaction, you may incur additional fees.

Finally, prepaid cards do not often have high deposit limits, this may be unsuitable for high rollers.

How We Select the Best Prepaid Card Casinos:

We want the best for our readers and that is why we make sure that the prepaid card casinos we select are chosen using the following measures.


A top prepaid card casino must be able to secure players funds and ensure their privacy through modern security encryptions such as SSL encryption.


To prove that they uphold rules of fair play and are legitimate, it is essential for prepaid card casinos to be registered under reputable regulators.

Speed of Payouts

We consider the time it takes an online casino to payout its customers winnings before we rate it.  Fast and efficient payout is a feature that we appreciate in casinos.

Game Selection

We believe variety is the spice of life and as such we only select prepaid casinos with an amazing number of games in their portfolio.

RTP (Return to Player)

All reputable casinos should endeavor to have high RTPs and have their RTP displayed prominently for users to see – so that customers can get a fair representation of their chance in winning.



Are Prepaid Cards accepted at all online casinos?

Prepaid cards are generally acceptable in most if not all casinos in the world, but it is advisable to check if your game operator allows the use of prepaid cards through their customer care agents on their sites.


Are there any Fees?

There are no usually fees attached when depositing with prepaid cards but withdrawal on some prepaid cards might incur some fees.


How long do Prepaid Card payouts take?

It depends on the prepaid card type you're using and the online casino, but generally it takes up to 48 hours for you to get your money.


Are Prepaid Cards safe to use?

Yes, they are very safe and secure to use as they have high end security encryptions to protect your information and funds.


Can I claim welcome bonus when depositing with a prepaid card?

Yes, you can claim a welcome bonus and all other bonuses offered by a casino while using a prepaid card.sss

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