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When you hear of vanilla, what comes to mind is a sweet distinctive flavor or fragrance- it is exactly this sweet fragrance that Vanilla cards have been bringing to the world of casino gaming ever since their inception. Vanilla cards allow you to both deposit into online casinos and also request payouts using the same method. Their ease of use, efficient security and the general simple process of depositing have made them thein online darling of most gamblers. Interested in trying out this game? This page is primarily to get you acquainted with all information you need to know about Vanilla cards, Vanilla Card Casinos online and the best Vanilla Card sites you can find on the market. For some, Vanilla Card may sound unfamiliar, so, for starters we are going to explain what a Vanilla Card is and how to use.


What is Vanilla Card?

Vanilla Cards are among the most popular methods of transferring funds from your wallet to your gaming account, issued by Mastercard & Visa companies they provide a safe, convenient, and reliable way for shopping online and allows players to fund their online casino accounts. Vanilla cards are prepaid and no-holder-name cards and they have a pre-installed amount of money on their balance that can’t be overrun and are acceptable in many online casinos.

 Vanilla Visa Card

Visa Vanilla is a new prepaid card that can be used in any online casinos that take credit and debit cards and are also based in the United States. It is a fast and a secure payment method that allows users in the United States to deposit into online casinos, request payouts and receive rewards in the process. However, you should note that if a casino is not an official U.S. casino or registered with a US gaming license, your Vanilla Visa card may not work. You can check if a casino site accepts Vanilla Visa as a deposit method by checking the casino's cashier page to see if Vanilla Visa is accepted.

Vanilla Mastercard Card

The Vanilla Card is a pre-paid Mastercard gift card that can be used as a solution to online gambling. It is a fast and secure payment system that allows users to purchase during online shopping or carry out translations in the casino.

How to Apply for a Vanilla Card?

It is easy and very convenient to obtain a Visa or Mastercard Vanilla Card since it is a prepaid card. All you need to do is to find a retailer that sells the card and buy. There are many stores that sell Vanilla Visa cards and Mastercard in the United States, Canada and some other locations. One of the best places to find them is in Petro-Canada, which is the biggest offline retailer of Vanilla cards. As it is a nationwide network however, there should be a location near you. If you’re not sure where your nearest location is just check with the Petro-Canada website. After getting the card, make sure the cashier activates it before leaving.

The Vanilla Visa card can be bought in the following denominations: $ 35, $ 50, $ 75, $ 100, $ 150 and $ 250.

Casino – How to Deposit with a Vanilla Card?

Vanilla cards can be used to deposit just like you would use a standard debit card or credit card. To use your Vanilla Card at an online casino, first, register or sign in into an online casino of your choice, then go to the Banking section of the casino and select Credit Card from the online banking options. The next step is to enter your Vanilla Card number and expiration date, type Peoples Trust as the name of the bank, and the amount you want to deposit.

You may deposit all or some of the value of your Vanilla Card. For example, you can purchase a $ 100 Vanilla Card and deposit the full $ 100 in the casino or you can deposit $ 50 and maintain a $ 50 balance on your Vanilla Card for other online or on land purchases. The card unfortunately cannot be reloaded, so once you use/spend all the cash on the card, you are going to need to purchase a new card.

Withdrawing Winnings at Online Casino Using Vanilla Card

Withdrawing is not an option if you want to use Vanilla cards, since Vanilla cards are not reloadable, you have to keep purchasing a new card every time, and provisions are not made to credit winnings to this prepaid card. Sure, you want to have your money withdrawn, you will have to explore other withdrawal options such as bank check, bank transfer or using other debit cards that make provisions for withdrawals.

Advantages of Using Vanilla Card as a Casino Deposit Method

Using Vanilla Card has several advantages. The most obvious is the ability to purchase the card with cash and its accessibility and use in most casinos in Canada.

Another advantage is its simplicity. It is very simple to activate money on these cards as no long or complex processes are involved compared to the process involved in getting a new debit card that can often be lengthy and occasionally frustrating.

No charges. This is one of the most endearing of vanilla cards. You can fund your account without worrying about bank charges, transactions fees or commissions etc.

Finally, Vanilla cards provides a very safe and secure payment method. Vanilla cards not only provide you with the same advantages as the regular branded cards, but with no or lesser risks, such that, when gambling at a casino, you don’t have to afraid for the safety of your card.

Disadvantages of Using Vanilla Card as a Casino Deposit Method

Like other payment methods, Vanilla Card also has some certain drawbacks. The most important of these is the fact that you can not withdraw your winnings using Vanilla Card and as such, you will have to resolve to other payment methods to withdraw your funds from the casino.

The unavailability of the card in some countries is also another disadvantage, since online casinos in these countries will not accept deposits made with Vanilla, thereby limiting its reach.

How We Select the Best Vanilla Card Casinos

Our expert reviewers select the best Vanilla Card casinos based on some factors which we consider essential and the "must haves" of a casino. These factors are:


A top Vanilla Card casino must have security encryptions in place to secure customer's funds, and ensure the safety of gamblers personal information against fraud or hack. This is the foundation of a reputable casino and can not be compromised.


A great Vanilla Card casino must always uphold the rules of fair game, be honest in their dealings with their players and must be registered under reputable authorities.

Speed of Payouts

We consider the time it takes an online casino to payout its customers winnings before we rate it.  Fast and efficient payout is a feature that we appreciate in casinos.

Game Selection

There are over 200 casino games and their variations, before a casino can be termed as one of the best, it must have most of these games in its portfolio, after all variety is the spice of Life!

Return to Player (RTP)

A reputable Vanilla Card casino should have averagely high RTPs that will give players more chance of winning when playing games in the casino.



How quick are deposits with Vanilla Card?

Deposits with Vanilla Card are fast and immediate, though it may take one hour for the get card fully    activated.


Are there any fees?

No, there are no fees charged when you deposit with Vanilla cards.


Where can I buy Vanilla Card?

There are many stores that sell Vanilla Visa cards and Mastercard in US, Canada and some other locations. One of the best places to find them is in Petro-Canada, which is the biggest offline retailer of Vanilla cards. You can also check on the Petrol Canada website to get a retailer in your location.


Is it safe to deposit with Vanilla?

Yes, it is safe and secure to deposit with vanilla. This is because Vanilla cards are not linked to any bank account, so you are free from fraud or bank commission worries.


Are there any limits on how much I can deposit/withdraw?

The limits on your deposit is determined by the value and amount on your Vanilla Card, if you purchase a Vanilla Card of $ 100, Your deposit limit is $ 100, and if you decide to deposit $ 30, the deposit limit has been reduced to the remaining $ 70. The highest value of Vanilla Card you can purchase is $ 250, and when you exhaust the amount on a Vanilla Card, you can't credit it, you will need to buy another Vanilla Card to continue using this method of deposit. Vanilla Card does not make provisions for withdrawals.


Can I claim bonuses when depositing with Vanilla Card?

Yes, you can claim several bonuses like welcome bonuses, reload bonuses etc. while using Vanilla Card.

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