Best WebMoney Casinos Online 2024

Funding online casino entertainment can be challenging, especially for new players. With plenty of options available, and yet not knowing what may work in your country, it is easy to understand why you might have questions. The best WebMoney online casinos are those that accept this payment option.

The list of top WebMoney casinos online have been chosen because they fit our criteria with regards to specific review points we feel are important for every casino to have as a matter of trust and entertainment. We've also prepared a detailed guide to WebMoney casinos which includes all useful information about this payment method.


WebMoney is an eWallet payment option available to Russian and Eastern European citizens. It has also become globally available to over 30 million people. WebMoney has functioned as an online payment system for more than a decade and grown as the customer base has increased. As an eWallet the payment system can be used in several merchant places online, as well as for online casino transfers. It is possible at some casinos to use this as a withdrawal method.

How to Open a Webmoney Account?

To use WebMoney, players will need an account. On the WebMoney homepage, there is an option for signing up. Clicking on that area will send a person to a form, where it will ask for the mobile phone number. The phone number is used to send SMS confirmations. During sign up personal information must be provided to ensure the person can add or withdraw funds from the online account. After a code is sent to confirm the account details, a password is set, and an email confirmation will also be sent. This ends the process of setting up the account, and now players will need to fund it. There are financial constraints in terms of the amount one can keep in the account, as well as transfer out. A special certificate is required to gain a higher-level limit. The account can be set up for euros, rubles, or USD funds.

Adding funds to WebMoney can be done with credit card, Internet banking, or money transfers. It is also possible to use vouchers, prepaid cards, and cash-in terminals.

Webmoney Payments at Online Casinos—How to Deposit with Webmoney?

To deposit at a WebMoney casino, login to the casino, visit the banking page, and select WebMoney. The casino will prompt the consumer to follow the steps, which often includes visiting the WebMoney page to start the transfer process. Each casino may have different deposit minimum and maximum limits. Check the terms and conditions for these limitations.

Withdrawing Winnings at Online Casinos Using Webmoney

WebMoney casinos are differentiated by what they offer and to whom. Withdrawing funds using WebMoney may not be an option for players. However, when it is at an online casino accepting WebMoney deposits, a player can login to the casino, visit the banking page, and click on WebMoney for withdrawals. The amount is required, along with a confirmation. Once the process is started it can take up to 3 days for the casino to finish their end of the transaction. WebMoney will then have to process the receipt of the money, and that can take a few more days.

Advantages of Using Webmoney as a Casino Deposit Method

WebMoney has specialized advantages for the people who have access to this payment method.

  • WebMoney offers quick transfers.
  • It is safe to use this online eWallet.
  • The payments are anonymous.
  • It is for Russian players, and those living in the EU.

How We Select the Best Webmoney Online Casinos

WebMoney casinos online are those that accept WebMoney as a deposit method, and potentially as a withdrawal choice. But, what is going to separate these casinos from each other for players? We select the best WebMoney online casinos by the following six points, and often more.


Knowing where you play and what SSL encryption is used is paramount to your security on a personal and financial basis. The reviewer assesses the encryption to make sure it is in place and there are no obvious defects.


Casinos are supposed to be regulated. Each country has their rules and believe it or not some online casinos do not follow the rules. Licensing information helps players know they are using a casino where they are safe, can gain their winnings, all because there is a government regulating the operation.

Speed of Payouts

Getting one’s winnings quickly, without delays for none obvious reasons, is what speedy payouts should be and that is why WebMoney casinos are assessed based on their processing time.

VIP Clubs

VIPs and loyal consumers to a casino want to know they are welcome and valued, which is what VIP clubs provide. Not all online casinos offer loyalty rewards or a VIP program.

Customer Service

Speaking with a live human via live chat or phone can be imperative when there are questions of security, financial issues, or general questions. Casinos can be reviewed based on how easy it is to speak with the company and gain a satisfactory response.

Game Selection

A casino with over 400 games may be heavily weighted towards slot machines, without too many Table Games, poker options, and more. By looking at the game selection for players they will know what is or is not simply a slot casino.


WebMoney is an online payment option for casino entertainment, but not every payment option is the same. Find more answers about the casino deposit and withdrawal methods.


Why should I use Webmoney?

WebMoney is designed for Europeans in central and eastern regions and includes Russians. It is a specialty payment option because of its design for these players, which helps them enjoy online casino entertainment.


Is Webmoney accepted at all online casinos?

No, the specific clientele who can use the payment option limits how many online casinos will use have it available.


Is my personal information safe?

Yes, it is a financial product; therefore, it has encryption and helps you keep your personal banking details separate from the casino.


Are there any fees?

Yes, there is a fee for transactions. Depending on the type of transaction the fees can range from 0.8 % up to 4 %. It is most expensive to visit a WebMoney exchange office, in terms of the fees. Cash terminals can also be pricey with fees of 2 to 10 percent. It is best to assess the fees for online transfer, bank card, and bank wire to determine what is most affordable.


Can I claim a Welcome Bonus when depositing with Webmoney?

Yes, although you will need to check the terms and conditions for the Welcome Bonus at the casino of your choice to ascertain which bonuses are available to you and how they can be gained.


How are my winnings paid?

Winnings can be paid using WebMoney at some casinos. If the casino does not have withdrawal options using WebMoney, an alternative choice can be made, such as Skrill, NETELLER, credit card, bank wire, or check.


How long do Webmoney payouts take?

Typically, there is a 3-day processing time; however, it differs with every casino. Check the terms and conditions or banking page to find out the speed of payouts for a particular WebMoney online casino.


WebMoney is a Russian eWallet set up several years ago to make online banking possible, with secure transactions. As a specific method, players will notice it is not available at all online casinos and there are some limitations as to who can use it.

An account is necessary for players to transfer money from a bank or credit card into a casino. WebMoney is a third-party processor that keeps bank details private from the casino and helps the deposits become instant.

While players may not be able to use it for withdrawals at all casinos, it is possible to withdrawing winnings at certain WebMoney online locations. The top WebMoney online casinos are those that offer players what they desire most in game selection, security, customer service, and rewards. Take the time to assess the details in reviews to discover which casino is right for you.

WebMoney is only one online way to make deposits and withdrawals at an online casino. It has benefits for customers, but it is also not the only option should another choice be more attractive. There are fees for the use of WebMoney, which some payment options do not have.

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