3D Roulette Online | The Ultimate Guide to Playing 3D Roulette Online

3D Roulette is one variation available to online players. In the olden days, players might find French Roulette in a land-based casino. They might have gained European rules, which differ only slightly from the French rules. When the game made its way to America, casinos changed it to include a double zero, and make the house edge more favorable for the casino. The internet has allowed software developers to create new games, with different rules, which can enhance a person’s entertainment online. The 3D Roulette rules are going to mirror French or European Roulette. Learning how to play 3D Roulette leads to making real money on the game. Real-money 3D Roulette is about taking your winnings and enjoying life a little more. Discover 3D Roulette online to see how much fun it can be.

Getting Started with 3D Roulette

To play 3D Roulette online, you need to know where you can find it and how you access the game for free and real money play. As the name implies, this version of Roulette is three-dimensional. It is meant to feel more like you are standing in a land-based casino at the table and making your wagers. There are online reviews of casinos that supply this game. You can use those reviews to determine where you want to play. There are certain aspects you might wish to look for when it comes to the casino. For example, is the casino registered and licensed in a location that allows players from your country? What are the promotions the casino supplies? These are important questions to differentiate between the hundreds of online casinos.

Beyond, finding a casino, you are going to need to register with one. You can choose whether you register for a real money account or if you stay in “guest” and play for free. There are demo modes where you get to learn the game, the rules, and strategies before putting your money into play.

How to Play 3D Roulette

3D Roulette follows the rules for European Roulette. The table game will have 37 numbers, zero through 36. Players will decide the type of bet they want to wager and select it on the table. There will be betting limits and maximums to follow based on the casino. Players can only make a wager that is within those limits. After a wager is made, the “spin” button needs to be pressed. The wheel will begin spinning, with a marble bouncing along, and a random number generator will determine where the ball lands. The game will automatically make payouts and players can begin again. Bets cannot be made after the wheel is spinning—the game will not permit it. Furthermore, software systems designed to hack or interrupt the wheel to provide the win are illegal, banned, and will get a player banned. Strategy based on the types of bets available and the probability of winning that wager is the better course of action for playing 3D Roulette online.

Types of 3D Roulette Bets

3D Roulette bets are the same as European Roulette. Players can choose between inside and outside bets. Most games will allow only one wager to be played to avoid a player getting confused. The following is an explanation of each wager.

Inside Bet

An inside bet is when a chip is placed on the number grid of the table, instead of on the “racetrack” or outside edge of the table.

  • Straight – a wager played on only one number.
  • Split – a bet on two numbers, where the chip is on the line that splits those two numbers.
  • Trio – also known as a line bet, it is a wager of three numbers, where the chip is on the line at the beginning of the row for those three numbers.
  • Corner – a wager of four numbers. The chip is placed where four corners of four numbers meet.
  • Double Street – it is a half dozen wager on two lines, placed on the corner of where the two lines meet rather than distinctly on one row of three numbers.

Outside Bet

Outside bets are said to be on the “racetrack” because they are on the outer edge of the table instead of in the number grid. They are shown by numbers, words, and symbols, such as 1st column or 1-18 or a red symbol.

  • Column – a column wager is on 12 numbers. There are three columns on the table, and a player chooses which column to wager on. If the marble lands on a number in that column, a player win.
  • Dozen – instead of wagering on the columns, you can select the first 12, second 12, or last 12 numbers.
  • Even/Odd – numbers can be even, or they can be odd, but they cannot be both. A player can select a wager that says if the number the marble lands in is even, they win. If the number is opposite of the choice, it would be a loss.
  • High/Low – this is a wager on 18 numbers, going with the lower half of the 36 numbers or the higher half of the numbers. Again, it is an either/or option for winning, as a number cannot be both.
  • Red/Black – like even/odd and hi/lo, red and black is a type of bet on 18 numbers, where you either guess the correct color the marble lands in or you don’t.

How is 3D Roulette Different from Standard Roulette?

The difference between standard Roulette games and 3D Roulette has to do with the graphics of the game. The software developers attempt to make the game more “real.” You are meant to feel as though you are in the casino, standing around the table game, and having fun versus wagering on a game that is clearly flat and online for entertainment. The rules are the same as European Roulette.

Advantages of Playing 3D Roulette

The advantage of 3D Roulette is the stellar graphics provided to enhance the visual game play. The design shows the wheel better, so you can see as the marble spins. You also have enhanced graphics that help you see the wins and losses, plus the types of wagers you can make. The visual settings option lets you play with the screen as a way of enhancing the game’s visual appeal even more based on your computer and internet quality.

Suppliers Offering 3D Roulette

From research, it appears there are at least three companies supplying 3D Roulette. iGaming, Playtech, and PKR are the top three names that come up when searching for 3D Roulette software providers. It does not mean these are the only companies or the best. The information is mainly to help you determine who might be providing 3D Roulette online for your entertainment. PKR has an app available in the App Store and Google Play Store. iGaming and Playtech are more well known. In fact, Playtech is one of the oldest online software providers for casino products, and one of the best. What you want to know is which company has the game that offers the most realistic style of play, with the highest resolution and video settings. Playtech certainly offers such concepts.

Is It Worth Playing 3D Roulette?

There are no disadvantages of playing 3D Roulette if you are going to choose European or French Roulette in an online casino. The benefits of seeing the game clearer, with the ability to change the visual settings make it advantageous for you to play this game. The only shortcoming the game has is that you cannot play any other version. American Roulette is not provided in a 3D version, but is this really a disadvantage? The house edge for American Roulette is higher due to the double zero. It makes the house edge for 3D Roulette more attractive.


It is possible you still have questions about playing real-money 3D Roulette. The following is designed to help you find those answers.


Do I want to play 3D Roulette?

If you enjoy Roulette, there are only advantages to playing 3D games versus the 2D options.


How do I get my winnings?

You will need a real money account to keep any winnings you make by playing 3D Roulette. There is a banking page that has a withdrawal option, where you can select how much of your winnings you want to withdraw and send to your bank account.


Are there patterns to how the wheel spins?

The one thing to be wary off is seeing a pattern. Online games have random number generators. They are tested for fair play and audited to ensure there is no tampering. When a game starts to show a pattern, it often means someone has hacked the software and is manipulating it. It will prevent you from winning properly.


Should I employ a strategy?

Yes, strategies do work with Roulette based on the probability of a number appearing as the winner. The more numbers you play the better.

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