European Roulette | Ultimate Guide to Playing European Roulette Online

European Roulette online can be a lot of fun, once you understand the rules and the difference between the Roulette variations that exist. European Roulette rules will vary slightly from American Roulette because there are only 37 numbers on the wheel instead of 38. If you are going to learn how to play European Roulette, it is important that you learn about the bets. Real-money European Roulette is heavily weighted on the bets you place, in terms of strategy. For players who have never had a chance to play European Roulette in a land-based casino because the table minimums were too stiff, now is your chance to learn about the game and all that it can provide.

How to Play European Roulette

To play European Roulette online, you need to have an account with an online gaming portal. The real-money account will let you play the game for real winnings, plus offer you bonuses and promotions that will enhance game play. European Roulette rules are a type of etiquette that must be followed for a player to succeed; however, there are fewer rules online depending on how you play the game.

For real-money European Roulette, you can play a virtual game, live dealer game, or table game. The virtual game is with a virtual dealer, where you are the online person playing. A table game can still have a virtual person running the wheel, but it is also a multi-player option, where others are a part of the game room. Live Dealer Games provide a live person to host the game, and there will often be other players signing in with a camera and microphone to play at the same table. Virtual European Roulette is going to have fewer rules because there is no one else and the game play is simple. You will decide on a wager, place it, and then select spin. The wheel will spin, the marble will bounce, and the winnings will be paid out. With a live dealer or other players, they will need to make their wagers before the game will spin the wheel.

Basic European Roulette Rules

European Roulette rules do allow you to wager on all 37 numbers with the various bets that exist. However, some games may restrict your being able to wager on the Green 0 on the table and wheel. It is always a good idea to check with the casino and the individual rules of the European Roulette version you have chosen to play to determine whether you can place certain types of wagers.

  • You must select where you want to place your chips.
  • You cannot move your chips once the wheel is spinning.
  • Each player at the table will have a different color chip to avoid confusion.
  • The dealer will call out the winning number.
  • If your bet includes the winning number, you will receive the correct payout for the choice of wager you made.
  • Language is not permitted.
  • You cannot use software or other systems to try to trick the game and win.

European Roulette Wheel

The European Roulette wheel is based on the original French game, where there are 37 numbers on the wheel. The numbers are from 0 to 36, where the 0 is green. The 1 through 36 are red or black, and they alternate around the table. The wheel sequence in a clockwise position begins with 0, 32, 15, 19, 4, 21, 2, and 25. The last number is 26, which is on the left side of the 0. As you can tell there is little to no reason for how the numbers appear on the wheel; however, you can be certain that the number and the color correspond to the table where you will place your bets. Of course, there is a logic behind how the wheel is laid out and it has to do with keeping the strategy from being in favor of the player.

The sequence is meant to be confusing so that a person cannot look at the wheel and predict where the marble may land. The numbers alternate red and black, which no two numbers in black or red together. The low and high wager option also makes it difficult to win because the numbers are usually low and high together in the sequence around the wheel. Typically, the low and high numbers are adjacent to each other and the even and odd numbers are distributed evenly too, which is why there is a balance to the wheel.

Possible Bets in European Roulette

European Roulette is divided into two types of wagers, inside and outside, and this is based on the table layout. Inside wagers are based on the numbers, whereas outside bets are specific places on the outside of the table grid.

Inside Bets

There are five inside bets that are important and will determine the probability of you winning anything.

  • Split Bet – there are 37 total numbers, and you will wager on 2 of them, but you must look at the table and choose two numbers that are neighbors. For example, if the 2 and 3 are next to each other, you can place your chip on the line between those numbers and make a split bet. The payout is 17 to 1 because the odds of winning is low at 5.41%.
  • Straight Up – a straight wager is a bet on one number, only. You have 35 to 1 odd, with a chance of winning at 2.70%. It is not like the movies where you would make the giant win by placing all your money on one number. Often, you will lose with this wager.
  • The Street Bet (Three Number Bet or The Trio) – you can call this wager by different names, but the principle is the same, you wager on three numbers like the 4, 5, and 6, where the chip is placed on the edge of the grid for the line of three numbers.
  • The Corner (The Square or Four Number Bet) – look at the table and you will see there are ways you can place a chip on four corners of numbers and wager, such as the 1, 2, 4, and 5, where the chip goes on the corner of two lines to make sure you are wagering on four numbers. The bet is 8 to 1, with a 10.81% chance of winning.
  • The Line Bet (Six Number Bet or Six-line Bet) – it can also be called the double street because you are wagering on two lines and including six numbers.

Outside Bets

On the table grid you will see the 0 through 36 layouts, then underneath the columns and to the side of the rows are other bets. These are the outside wagers.

  • The Column Bet – you can wager on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd column, where the numbers start with 1, 2, and 3 at the top and end in 34, 35, and 36 respectively. You wager on 12 numbers and have 2 to 1 payout.
  • The Dozens Bet – you are wagering on 12 numbers, but it goes in consecutive order: 1 thru 12, 13 thru 24, and 25 thru 36. Again, the odds are 2 to 1 like the column.
  • The Odd (Even) Bet – the even or odd wager is about choosing the numbers that fit the premise. You can wager on all even numbers, and if the marble falls in an even slot, you win. Payout is 1 to 1.
  • High or Low Bet – like the odd/even, you wager on whether the number will be high or low, so you can wager on the first 18 numbers or the second 18 numbers, and if it fits the wager you win 1 to 1.
  • Red or Black Bet – the numbers can be red or black, just as they can be high or low, and even or odd. You can wager on the color versus other options for 1 to 1 payout.

The Exotic Call Bets

Exotic call bets are different than what has been discussed before. You have neighbors of zero, in which you wager on 17 numbers, which are the numbers nearest zero on the wheel. Three Cycles or Cylinder wagers is a bet on 12 numbers that are opposite the zero. The orphans are the remaining eight numbers that do not fit the neighbors of zero or another bet. A final bet is when you wager on every number ending in the same, such as 5, 15, 25, and 35.

The Significance of the Zeros in European Roulette

The zero on the wheel in European Roulette provides an added number to wager on, plus some of the exotic call bets. It is also about the house edge, which is lower than American Roulette.

Difference Between European and American Roulette

American Roulette has a zero and double zero, which increases the house edge, making it difficult for a person to win. It is the double zero and the basket wager that differ in the American game.

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