Online Scratchcards | The Ultimate Guide to Playing Scratchards Online 2024

Online casinos offer lottery options too, such as Scratchcards and Keno Games. When deciding what to play and invest your money in, it is important to consider Scratchcards online. What are they and how do they differ from Scratchcards you buy at a gas station or land-based lottery location? Can you win with online Scratchcards? Plenty of questions might be swirling around, but without Scratchcards rules, you may have trouble feeling confident. This guide on how to play Scratchcards is designed to help you find the answers, including the rules of Scratchcards.

What Are Scratchcards?

Scratchcards online are a type of instant win game. You make a purchase of the cards, then you can choose between auto, manual, or auto play modes to determine if you will win. Scratchcards either win or they do not. Typically, the cards have symbols that need to match up, and depending on the symbols you see, you may win more or less. If there are no matches then you do not win, unless the card has specific rules about special single symbols.

Online vs Traditional Scratchcards

The difference between online Scratchcards and traditional cards is where you find them and the fact that the computer does the work. Instead of using a coin to scratch away the finish coating, the computer will reveal the symbols when you click on the card. You do have to follow the rules, which can be very simple or more complicated. Some of the traditional cards only allow you to scratch off a certain amount to see if you win and if you scratch the entire finish you cannot claim any winnings. Online rules are similar and based on the type of card. The other difference besides automating the cards comes through in the prizes. Money is won online. Scratchcards in a traditional setting can provide prizes like cars, boats, or other winnings, although the typical win is money.

How to Use Scratchcards Online - Rules Explained

You will need to find a legitimate site offering Scratchcards. Make sure to read the rules for Scratchcards from the online casino before you start. You do not want to make a mistake when you reveal the symbols. You will need to “buy” the cards, which often says “bet.” You can decide how much you spend per card, from 10 cents to over 20 dollars. The amount you wager determines how much you win once you scratch the cards. For example, if the game you play allows you to scratch three areas, you need to do that and then make sure that you are following the instructions. You can also bet max to play more than one card. Auto scratch is where the game will automatically scratch the cards for you after a wager is placed and you select play. Manual scratch lets you click on the areas you want to scratch. It is as close to traditional play as you get in a virtual world. Auto play is a continued game, where you wager, select start, and the game keeps going for however many rounds you have selected.

Tips for Playing Scratchcards

Scratchcards online are about instant wins. There is no strategy with regards to what cards to choose from or the type of symbols revealed. Your card is either a winner or it is not. It makes the game one of extreme chance, where the probability of winning is based on the house edge and the return to player percentage. A higher RTP ensures you win more than you lose.

  • You will want to assess the casino Scratchcards before you start a real money account.
  • Check the RTP and the house edge to find the casino that offers the most favorable outcome to the player for Scratchcards.
  • Play with a fixed budget. Never enter an instant win situation, without a budget. You will be tempted to overspend if you do not have guidelines for what to spend on online Scratchcards.
  • Play low cost cards to stay within your budget and make the most out of it. The wins may be less, but at least you can still have fun.
  • Do not chase any losses. If you continue to increase your wager to make up for the losses in other rounds, you will soon find your budget is over.
  • Play games for free until you learn how to play and the rules of play. Demo games show you the frequency of wins, plus give you insight into what is a winning card.

How to Win on a Scratchard?

Scratchcards will vary with regards as to how to win. You will need to pick a price point for the wager. Examine the odds of winning. Read the cards rules for how to win. Follow the instructions for scratching the card or let the automated system work for you. Play in bulk to even your odds of getting a win. The symbols on the cards and how they match up will tell you if you win or lose. With multiple cards, you may have one winner out of ten or none at all. The point is not “how to win” but in whether you wish to choose an instant win game that is quick, with the potential of winning for a low risk wager.

History of Scratchards

Scratchcards were invented in the 1970s as an American game. The Instant Game was first launched in Massachusetts by the state lottery. The cards quickly became popular, where people would buy over twenty at a time in hopes of winning. Even charities and federal associations started using Scratchcards to help with advertising and to provide “gifts” for people who attended. By the time the internet was made public, Scratchcards were considered something to add to the available options at bingo sites and some casino sites. While poker was most popular, people wanted easy games too, which included the idea of online Scratchcards that offer instant wins for a small wager. PrimeScratchCards was the first all scratch card website to launch in 2005. However, there are several software providers that have their own concepts. Physical or traditional Scratchcards still exist. They have complicated rules sometimes, which requires a person to read the fine print. In fact, they can be confusing as to what is a win, but the online scratch card is straightforward. There is no confusion because the random number generator determines the win, pays out immediately, and a player is able to go on from that card to a new game.


Scratch card are not complicated, but you may still have questions about Scratchcards online. The answers are here to help you feel content when you choose to play these instant win cards.


How safe are scratchards?

It is really the safety of the casino you want to be on the watch for because some places are not licensed to operate in all areas. Make certain the scratchcard you have chosen is at a casino or online site that has a license for your country. If it does not, and you play for real money, the casino may not pay out the winnings.


Do scratcards work with RNGs?

Yes, random number generators are part of how the game is played. To be fair and to operate properly, a casino will test their RNGs to ensure randomness. It means that you cannot predict a win by playing every day or trying to find a pattern with the cards.


Where should I sign up for scratchards?

You want to choose a licensed online casino or lottery site that has been audited by a third party and tested for randomness. There are reviews regarding online casinos and lottery sites that have scratch ards. You can read these reviews to determine where to play based on your region.


What about customer support issues?

When you choose a safe place to play, customer support is readily available. You can contact the company if you have payout questions or other concerns. Reviews will help you find the company that has the best support, including access to live people.


Do scratchcard require skill?

No, you do not need skill to win. You need luck. Scratchcards are like slots, where the RNGs determine the win, so there is no predictability or strategy to employ. It is about setting personal rules for how much to invest and what to do if you continue to see losing cards.


Do I want to play scratchards?

Some people enjoy the simplicity of Scratchcards, the lack of strategy required, and the instant win. If you want a quick game, you can try it, but there are other casino games with better odds of winning.

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