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Sic Bo is an Ancient Chinese game that has become highly popular throughout the world because of online casinos. Sic Bo online adheres to the old rules, with the original table layout. It is important to learn Sic Bo rules before playing the game for real money. Online Sic Bo is a game of strategy and luck, where if you follow the rules of Sic Bo, you can have good luck over the long term. The rules of Sic Bo state that you should not make multiple even money wagers but make wagers based on probability and the higher winning chances. This guide for how to play Sic Bo will explain in more details.

What is Sic Bo?

Sic Bo is also called Tai Sai, Dai Siu, Big and Small or Hi-Lo. It is a Chinese game involving dice. It is played on a board, which labels various bets. Historically, the game is ancient in origins, without a specific date of creation. What is known is that Sic Bo started in China, spread to Macau and the Philippines, eventually wending its way to the United States, all of Asia, and Europe. Players were once limited to finding the game in land-based casinos, such as Macau and Philippines locations, with a few casinos throughout the Caribbean, Monte Carlo, and Las Vegas offering the option. Today, Sic Bo is online and widely available.

How to Play Sic Bo - Rules Explained

Sic Bo is based on the roll of three dice. The object is to wager on what the outcome of a roll on the three dice. Players will select the chip size they wish to play. As a table game, players will need to place chips on the table in the areas they are wagering on, which is as simple as using a mouse click to put the chip on the table with online Sic Bo. Once the wagers are placed, you select “roll” the dice and the game will automatically calculate the results and make a payout if any is required. Game play is mostly based on strategy of possible results, based on the wagers one places. It means that you want to assess the likelihood of certain numbers appearing on the dice, such as getting the same number on all dice, versus three different numbers.

Set the Budget

It is fairly difficult to predict the outcome of three dice, knowing that they have 1 through 6 on the various sides. However, one strategy and rule to playing is setting a budget, so that a player is modest in their wagers and not chasing losses.

Buy Chips

Once you have a budget, you can buy chips based on that budget, for the “price point” that makes the most sense. Depending on the online casino, you may be able to wager one cent. Most games of this nature will have a limit of a dollar or equating amount in another currency.

Place Your Bets

After chips have been purchased, it is time to place the bets based on the probabilities and whether you set chips to break even, rather than earning money.

Throw the Dice

In a land casino the croupier will throw the dice using a machine. However, online there is a random number generator that “throws” the dice after you select “roll.”

Collect Winnings

The game will automatically payout any winnings or you can always push them or reinvest the winnings for the next round.

Sic Bo Table Layout

When learning Sic Bo, you need to know the table layout. Examine an image of the table, so you have an idea of what the different areas of the table mean. Be aware that a true Chinese table for Sic Bo will look like dominoes. You have a place for small and big wagers, plus all the combinations that may result from the three dice. At the bottom, you have one, two, three, four, five and six, which is a wager on one or all three dice. Payouts are also listed based on how many dice you wager on. If you wager on a single dice it is 1 to 1 payout, and three die are 3 to 1 payout.

The Sic Bo Bets

How to play Sic Bo is really about the understanding of the bets you can place and how well they payout. The following is a description of the wagers you can make.  

TOTAL – this is the easiest of the bets you can make because it is based on a wager of all three dice, where you can wager on 4 through 17 as the outcome. The reason it is not 3, is because that is a different type of wager, and while you can wager on 18, it is also another type of bet since all three die have to be 6s.

SMALL AND BIG – this wager is on either the 4 through 10 or 11 through 17, where the total of the dice is either small or big.

COMBINATION – a combination is a wager on two specific numbers appearing on the dice, such as the 4 and 6, where three dice show 3, 4, and 6.

SINGLE – a single bet is on one specific number appearing on any of the three dice.

DOUBLE – it is a wager on two specific numbers such as the double 2, where you need 2, 5, and 2, where the third dice can be anything from 1 to 6, except 2.

TRIPLE – all three dice have to have the same specific number.

SPECIFIC NUMBERS – a wager on specific numbers to appear on the dice.

Tips for Playing Sic Bo Online

Playing Sic Bo online is definitely about your strategy for using the different wagers. Your odds of winning are better when you play the even money wins. It means if you invest one chip, equal to $ 1, then you would earn $ 1 if the wager is a winner. However, you would only lose $ 1 if you do not have a winning number. While there are higher winnings possible, the odds of gaining those higher wins is lower. Your strategy should be based on the best possible outcome versus trying for the improbable.

  1. Set a budget by choosing the amount you want each chip to be valued.
  2. Examine the payout table to see what winnings and probabilities can result by wagering on what numbers.
  3. Learn the house edge. Some casinos have a higher house edge making it more favorable for the online casino instead of the player.
  4. Wagering on one number is the least likely win, but again you do have three dice that could potentially have that one number, which is better than other dice game odds.
  5. Know what the wagers are, what they pay, and most importantly, your chances of winning.
  6. Learn the glossary of terms to make certain you are wagering correctly and not accidently choosing something.
  7. It is less likely that all three dice will have the same number and more likely that three different numbers will result.
  8. It is also more difficult to choose one to three specific numbers to appear on the dice, than it is to go with a small or big wager.
  9. Small or big bets are easier because you know that one or more dice can be under 10 or over 10, as a total.
  10. The best bet is a wager on the total of the three dice.


BETTING TABLE – a table with all the wagers displayed, where a player places their chips.

DICE – the way to roll and determine the winning numbers that will pay out.

DOUBLE BET – an increase on the normal wager. It is a multiple wager on numbers between 1 through 6.

DUO – a wager on two specific numbers that will show on two of the three dice.

DIE – the term for one, not multiple dice.

STRONG BET – players place a strong bet when they wager on all three dice.

SMALL BET – when the total of the dice comes to less than 11.

SIMPLE BET – wagering on a single number.

TRIPLE BET – like the double bet, a triple is betting on three dice that will have the same number, such as three 6s.

TABLE LIMITS – the amount of money one has to wager to be able to play. A table limit may be $ 1, with a maximum of $ 100.

WEAK BET – when a player wagers on a single number on one die.


Players have the option of making different wagers, including multiple bets on the table. The best strategy for online Sic BO is to play the numbers that are most likely to occur on the three dice, versus playing on a single number or saying all three dice will have the same number. You should set up a budget and never chase losses.

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