Caribbean Stud Poker Online | The Ultimate Guide to Playing Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker Online is a game based on stud poker rules. To learn Caribbean Stud Poker rules, continue reading about how to play Caribbean Stud Poker. The rules of Caribbean Stud Poker are explained below. Furthermore, you want to understand the rules for Caribbean Stud Poker before you risk real money you worked hard to earn.

What is Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker is based on rules from five-card stud poker, with one major difference—the player is against the house—not another player. It takes away the option of bluffing or deception because the house has rules they must follow. The origins behind the game are somewhat murky. David Sklansky says he originally came up with the rules calling it Casino Poker, but the rules he had are slightly different. It may be his game from 1982 was adapted to be called Caribbean Stud Poker, but we may also never know. There was no patent for Casino Poker, until King International Casino got in involved. The Aruba based casino which is now the Excelsior Casino holds the patent, which may be when the rules changed, and the name Caribbean Stud Poker was applied.

How to Play Caribbean Stud Poker | Rules Explained

Understanding how to play Caribbean Stud Poker will help you be more successful during the game play. There are about 11 rules to the game.

  1. An ante wager is made first. There is an option to join the progressive jackpot, but one does not have to do so to play.
  2. All players at the table will be given five cards. These cards are placed face down. The dealer will get a card that is face up. The player has to look at their cards and the one face up from the dealer and decide how to proceed.
  3. The play can either wager or fold.
  4. A fold means the loss of the wager and any side bets made.
  5. If the player decides to place an additional wager, it has to be equal to twice the ante.
  6. Once the player raises to keep in the game, the dealer will turn over the other four cards.
  7. The dealer needs to have a qualifying hand, which is at least an ace and a king. It is also possible to have an ace, king, 4, 3, and 2 or ace, queen, jack, 10, 9 as a qualifying hand. If the dealer is not able to qualify the player wins even money on the ante and the raise will be pushed to the next round.
  8. Should the dealer qualify, then it comes down to which hand is better. If the player has the lowest hand, the ante and raise are lost.
  9. If the dealer qualifies and the players has the winning hand, even money is paid for the ante, and the raise is paid out based on the paytable.
  10. A player and dealer can also tie, which would lead to the push of the ante and the raise.
  11. If a progressive side bet is placed, then the progressive jackpot is based on the value of the poker hand the player has. Sometimes a player must gain the Royal Flush to win a progressive jackpot. Make sure to check individual software rules or table rules for the casino of choice.

The Caribbean Stud Poker Deck

It is best to check with the individual online or land-based casino; however, in most instances the game is set up with a standard 52 card deck, which means there are no wild jokers in the game. Since players at the table are against the house, and other players cannot share their cards with everyone else, the casino tends to keep it a singular deck. The game play is based on one face card, and the five a person holds.

Hands in Caribbean Stud Poker 

Like many other poker games, Caribbean Stud Poker online has similar poker hands that will offer a payout. Here are the hands below with potential payouts.

ROYAL FLUSH – the five high cards (ace, king, queen, jack, and 10) in the same suit. It pays 100 to 1.

STRAIGHT FLUSH – any five consecutive cards in the same suit. It pays 50 to 1.

4 OF A KIND – it can be any of the four cards from the deck of the same denomination or face, such as four Aces. The payout is 20 to 1.

FULL HOSUE - three of a kind combined with a pair, where the win is 7 to 1.

FLUSH – cards are all in the same suit; however, they do not have to be consecutive. The win is 5 to 1.

STRAIGHT – five cards in consecutive order, but not necessarily in the same suit. The payout is 4 to 1.

THREE OF A KIND – any three cards of the same face or denomination, such as three 8s. The payout is 3 to 1.

TWO PAIRS – a person might have 2 Aces and 2 Eights (the dead man’s hand). The win is 2 to 1.

PAIR – a pair is two matching cards of the same face or denomination value. For example, two kings are a pair. The pay is even money, meaning 1 to 1.

HIGH PAIR – a pair that is all face cards, anything lower than a Jack is considered a low pair. Even money is earned on this hand.

Progressive Bets in Caribbean Stud Poker 

It is possible in online Caribbean Stud Poker to place a side bet. The progressive jackpot wager is in addition to the main ante and raise. It is asking for a chance to take the jackpot that continues to increase until it is won. The downside is that most software or Table Games require the progressive jackpot win to happen with the Royal Flush poker hand. It is difficult to earn, but also worth winning as the jackpot increases during continued play.

House Edge

In Caribbean Stud Poker online the casino sets the house edge. The typical house edge is 5.224%; however, it can vary from casino to casino.

How to Win at Caribbean Stud Poker?

There are certain strategies you need to know about Caribbean Stud Poker to be able to win the game. First, you cannot bluff or be deceptive because you must show your cards and compare the hand against the dealer. So, it comes down to whether you have a hand that will be better than the house. When all you can see is one card of the dealer’s hand, it can be difficult. Your strategy should be based on the dealers qualifying hand. A dealer that has an Ace showing face up will more than likely have a qualifying hand—not always—but more likely. If a king is showing the same thought process needs to apply because an Ace and King can be a qualifying hand. If a low card is showing, it does not mean an Ace or King are not hiding, but it provides you with a chance to ascertain how good your hand is compared to the potential of that low card. For example, if you have a full house or higher, you have a good chance of holding the higher hand.


As a person interested in playing online Caribbean Stud Poker, it is necessary to ensure that all questions are answered before you take the risk of playing with real money. Here are a few questions that you may want answered.


What is Caribbean Stud Ante?

The ante is an initial wager to get the five cards to play the game. Once you make the ante wager, the cards are dealt, and one face up card is shown of the dealers five cards. You can decide to fold or place the Caribbean Stud bet to continue the game.


What is Caribbean Stud Bet?

The Caribbean Stud bet is a secondary wager required to continue the game. You need to make a second bet that is twice the ante to get the dealer to reveal his cards and compare them to your hands.


What is Progressive Caribbean Stud?

Progressive Caribbean Stud Poker is a game where the casino offers an ever-increasing jackpot. It is a side wager that one does not have to partake in to get the main winnings from the game. The jackpot continues until a player has the right hand to win it and they have placed the progressive jackpot side wager.


What is the Payout at Caribbean Stud?

Examine the pay table at the casino you have chosen to register at because each casino may have different table limits and payouts. Most often it is a 100 to 1 win for a Royal Flush and even money for any hand below a two pair.

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