Casino Hold’em Online | The Ultimate Guide to Playing Casino Hold’em Online 2024

Casino Hold’em online allows players to enjoy a game against the house. If you have decided to learn how to play Casino Hold’em, this guide will explain Casino Hold’em rules to ensure you know what you are doing. Beyond the rules of Casino Hold’em you are going to want to practice in demo mode before you invest real money in game play.

What is Casino Hold'em

Casino Hold’em is a variation of Texas Hold’em. The game is played with a player and dealer. It is not a standard poker game, where players are against other players, but rather the house. Dealers have to qualify with their initial hand to continue to be in the game. Players can win the Ante Bet and an Ante Win Bonus. There are also other wagers that are made during the game play.

Casino Hold'em History

Casino Hold’em was developed in 2000 by Stephen Au-Yeung. It was designed as the first variation of Texas Hold’em to be played against the casino and not other players. It took until 2007 for the game to be licensed. The United Kingdom provided the license. Now several online casinos provide online Casino Hold’em.

How to Play Casino Hold'em - Rules Explained

Casino Hold’em online involves a deck of 52 cards, without jokers. There are a few rules that are best explained below.

  • Each player at the table makes an Ante bet.
  • It is possible at this time to make a side AA bonus bet.
  • The player and dealer receive two cards, face down.
  • The river of three cards is then dealt, face up.
  • The player needs to check the two cards, plus the three face up cards to decide if they will continue the game.
  • Players can fold or call. If the player folds the bet is lost. If the player calls, the Ante bet is doubled.
  • The dealer will supply two more cards to the river. From the five face up cards and the two cards in the hand, the player will choose the best hand they can make.
  • In online Casino Hold’em the software will show the winning hand.
  • Rules state the dealer needs to have a pair of 4s or better to qualify.
  • If the dealer does not qualify, then the dealer is out, and the Ante bet pays according to the hand the player has.
  • If the dealer has a qualifying hand, the player needs to have the better hand to get the win. The Ante Win wager is according to the paytable and the call bet is a 1 to 1 payout.
  • If the dealer and player tie, the bets are pushed for a second round to break the tied.
  • If the dealer has the winning hand, the player will lose all bets.

Casino Hold'em Poker Hands

ROYAL FLUSH – high consecutive cards in the same suit, such as 10-A of clubs.

STRAIGHT FLUSH – consecutive cards all in the same suit, but not necessarily all high cards. It can be 4 through 8.

FOUR OF A KIND – four aces, four jacks, four tens, or any hand that has four of the same cards.

FULL HOUSE – a hand made of three of a kind and one pair. You might have three jacks and two aces.

FLUSH – any five cards that are of the same suit, not necessarily in consecutive order.

STRAIGHT – any five cards in consecutive order, but not in the same suit.

THREE OF A KIND – three cards that match, such as three 4s.

TWO PAIR – like aces and eights, where you have two aces and two eights.

PAIR – two matching cards, such as two 10s.

HIGH CARD – most often Jack, Queen, King, or Ace, but some software or table rules will include the 10.

Possible Side Bets

AA+ or Pair Plus Bets

The AA or pair plus bet is a side bet that a player can make if they are sure their hand is going to be better than the dealer or to say the dealer will not qualify.

Progressive Jackpot

In online Casino Hold’em players can take part in a progressive jackpot wager. It is a separate wager from the Ante bet and call bet. By entering the progressive jackpot, the player is hoping to secure the winning hand that the jackpot rules outline and win the growing jackpot.

Casino Hold'em Strategy

Online Casino Hold’em can be played with a virtual or live dealer. In virtual situations there is a random number generator. With a live dealer an actual deck is used. The important part of strategizing for Casino Hold’em is understanding the probability of cards played around the table. A multi-player game still has each player going against the house; however, it does put more cards on the table. Since the two cards in everyone’s hand are hidden it makes it more difficult to know what might be left in the deck.

A new player is better off focusing on the two cards, plus the five in the river.

  • Fold if you cannot make at least a pair with the two cards in your hand and the three face up cards.
  • Fold if the pair is less than 5. The dealer needs a pair of fours to qualify.
  • Place a call bet if you have a high hand.
  • Know the paytable and the poker hands before making the call bet. The higher your hand the better it will be against the house.
  • Assess the three cards in the river for what it reveals. For example, if the three cards display two high cards, but you have a low pair, you are better off folding. However, if you can make two pair or are close to a straight place a call bet to see what the other five cards reveal.

It is only worth placing the call bet if you are close to a winning hand, and remember the dealer needs 4 to qualify. If there is a four in the three face up cards, be concerned if your hand is very weak, such as a single high card. You want to have a high pair, especially if a 4 appears in the river. The chance that the dealer can make at least a qualifying hand is higher, with a four on display. In fact, any card 4 or higher will lead to a possible qualifying hand for the dealer.


ALL-IN – depending on what you believe, professional poker players may say “all-in” to indicate they are putting all their chips into the jackpot because they feel their hand is going to win. It is a phrase that has been perpetuated by TV and movies, but a move that rarely happens.

ANTE – the wager you make to get the game started. Sometimes to keep going you have to make secondary bets, which are based on raises. The ante happens to get the cards dealt.

BANKROLL – the money you have to play the game. It is not a buy-in, but how much you exchange for chips.

BLANK CARD – a card dealt that will not help the player create a good hand.

BUY-IN – the amount required to join the game. It is not a bet, but an initial fund that provides part of the winnings. For example, if the game has a $ 5,000 buy-in, and there are three players, the jackpot is $ 15,000, and if you win, you get your $ 5,000 back plus $ 10,000.

CHECK – a player can check to stay in the game. A check is not a secondary wager, just an indication of staying in the game.

COMMUNITY CARDS – you can call this a river, board, or community, where three and then two more cards are added to the center of the table. Players make a complete five card hand from three cards in the community cards.

EVEN MONEY – if you wager a dollar, you win a dollar.

FULL HOUSE – a pair and three of a kind, of different values, like two jacks and three aces.

HIGH CARD – any card 10 or higher. Sometimes software providers require it to be a jack or higher. It is important to note in Hold’em a high card can just be the higher card that makes a winning hand. For example, if a person has two jacks and another player has two jacks, the person who wins is the one that has the highest high card. So, if one player has a queen and the other player has the king, then the pair with the king wins.

HOLD’EM – it is the term used to describe a game where players gain 2- or 4-hole cards to make a complete hand.

PAIR – two of the same cards, such as two jacks, two fives, etc.

RAKE – a percentage a player gives in a poker room for services.

ROYAL FLUSH – the highest possible win in a game of poker. It has the highest risk, with the best payout. The hand is made from consecutive high cards, all in the same suit, such as the 10, jack,             queen, king, and ace of hearts.

TABLE STAKES – the money you have to play.

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