Deuces Wild Video Poker | The Expert Guide to Deuces Wild Video Poker 2024

Deuces Wild Video Poker is just one of the many Video Poker variations available at online casinos and in land-based casinos. Learning how to play Deuces Wild will help you strategize during game play and increase your odds of winning. Deuces Wild Video Poker rules are fairly straight forward and depend greatly on the type of poker hands that payout. Before you play any game, it is helpful to look at the rules of Deuces Wild Video Poker to determine what hands payout the best and what is possible given the probability of certain cards appearing to make a hand. Deuces Wild online is certainly a great way to find entertainment.

Getting Started with Deuces Wild Video Poker - Deuces Wild Rules Explained

Rules for Deuces Wild Video Poker are explained in this section. To help you play Deuces Wild Video Poker online, consider the ultimate goal of the game. You want to have a winning hand based on the payout tables. There are certain hands that will qualify and others that do not. Deuces Wild rules are based on a 52-card deck, in a draw poker variation.

Choose Your Bet

Determine what you are willing to risk on the hand. Some people like to play it safe and gain minimum winnings, while others choose max bet to play the full amount of coins for the largest jackpot. You can choose one-coin, max bet, or something in between the two.

Make Your Bet

Select the wager after you have decided which bet to make.

Choose Your Hand

During game play you are enjoying draw poker. You have the option of holding certain cards and discarding others. The idea is to hold the cards that are most helpful to you for gaining a winning hand. For example, if you have a deuce, you would want to hold it because it can help make a winning hand. Let’s say, you have a jack and deuce, since the game is based on Jacks or Better, the deuce would become a second jack, as a wild card, and you would have the minimal winning hand for the game.

Once your hand is chosen, the game will determine the payout.

Understanding the Paytable - The Deuces Wild Paytable Layout

The payout table is where your strategy is going to come from with regards to the winning hand. A payout table will list the return to play percentage, the payoff, combinations, probability and return to you. The paytable tends to vary with each casino, although fairly standard in the amount of coins you are awarded for one coin up to five coins played for the wager. For example, a natural royal flush, meaning no wild cards were used, pays out 800 coins for a single coin wager, and 4000 coins for five coins wagered.

Hands and Payout in Deuces Wild

The following is a description of the different hands, which will payout according to the table.

ROYAL FLUSH – a natural royal flush is all five high cards, no deuces, and the cards have to be in the same suit. A, K, Q, J, and 10 in the hearts suit would be a natural royal flush, where the payout is at least 800 coins.

FOUR DEUCES – you would have four of the wild cards to make a hand and earn 200 for a single coin wager.

WILD ROYAL FLUSH – the payout is significantly less if a deuce finishes the royal flush, you earn 25 coins.

FIVE OF A KIND – a deuce can make a five of a kind hand, such as 4 aces and a deuce, where you earn 15 coins for a single coin.

STRAIGHT FLUSH – the payout is 9 coins, and a straight flush is cards in consecutive order, in the same suit.

FULL HOUSE – a pair and three of a kind make up a full house, where the payout is 3 coins for one coin wagered.

FLUSH – cards must be of the same suit, but not in consecutive order to win the hand. It pays 2 to 1.

STRAIGHT – a straight is not all in the same suit, but consecutive cards for a 2 to 1 payout.

THREE OF A KIND – here you would have three cards that are the same and the payout is 1 to 1.

TWO PAIR – depending on the gaming software, you may see a payout for two pair, where you have a pair of aces and perhaps a pair of eights. Not all Deuces Wild will payout for this type of hand.

PAIR OF ACES – like the two pair, not all Deuces Wild Video Poker games payout for a single pair, even of aces. There is no Jacks or Better in Deuces Wild. It means you may get 1 to 1 payout, with some software, but not with all Deuces Wild games found online.

 Deuces Wild Strategy

There are strategies that make it easier to win hands, particularly, when you have a wild card. There are certainly things you should and should not do based on the cards that are present in your hand.

Four Deuces

If you have four deuces it is a winning hand. You would keep all for deuces and enjoy the win.

Three Deuces

Again this is helpful to make a full hand of something, whether it is a royal flush or a three of a kind based on deuces. The key to the Deuces Wild is that you can make a royal flush as long as you have two face cards, like a jack, queen, king, or ace. Even if you have the ten, and an ace you can use the three deuces to make the winning hand.

Two Deuces

You could create a four of a kind, royal flush, straight flush, or go with a hand of deuces only. It is always better to try for the biggest paying hand as is possible by the cards you currently hold.

One Deuce

With one deuce you can create a four of a kind, a royal flush, full house, straight, three of a kind, or create a high enough pair for a payout. Again, look at the payout table to see what you can do with one deuce based on the other cards.

No Deuces

In this situation you have to go with the cards, and make a hand, without the use of a deuce.

 How Is Deuces Wild Different from Other Video Poker Variations?

The main point of variation between Deuces Wild Video Poker online and other Video Poker types is the wild card. The wild card to complete any hand is the 2, of any suit. Other games may require a hand of Jacks or Better for the win, without offering a wild card to make it easier to create the hands. With Deuces Wild online Video Poker, you gain more advantage by having a card that can make a hand. With four deuces in a deck of 52 cards, you have four more potential ways to finish a hand than you did before.



What is an outside straight?

An outside straight is where there are two cards to potentially finish the poker hand. If you have the 3, 4, 5, and 6, a 7 or a 2 could make the hand.


What is an inside straight?

An inside straight is where you need a card to finish the straight, and it can only be one card. For example, 3, 4, 5, and 7 is almost a straight—you just need to get the 6 to make the hand.


What are Wilds?

In poker certain cards can be considered a different value. In Deuces Wild, the cards with 2 of any suit are wild, meaning if you have a deuce and four aces, you can make a hand that is five of a kind, turning the 2 into a fifth ace.


Can I play for progressive jackpots?

Deuces Wild Video Poker may be a part of a progressive jackpot system depending on the software provider. However, not all games will offer a progressive jackpot. If you are looking for a progressive Video Poker jackpot it is best to read reviews to see which online casinos offer the option and then visit the website and see if Deuces Wild is part of the progressive jackpot.


What is the house edge in Deuces Wild?

The house edge will vary due to online casinos and software providers. It is best to check with the casino of choice about their house edge. One advantage of Deuces Wild is a higher return to player, which also helps keep the house edge lower.

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