Online Joker Poker | The Ultimate Guide to Joker Poker Online 2024

Joker Poker online is the same as the Video Poker machine found in land-based casinos. It is a game based on draw poker and the use of a specific type of wild card. To learn how to play Joker Poker, continue reading the guide, which explains the Joker Poker rules of play, including the types of hands you want for the best win. Rules of Joker Poker vary little from other Video Poker games, except for adding in a wild card. If you wish to play online Joker Poker, there is nothing better than learning the rules for Joker Poker before playing for real money.

What is Joker Poker

Joker Poker online also goes by Joker Wild. It is a form of draw poker, based on similar rules to Jacks or Better. The joker acts as a wild card to help you create a winning hand. Depending on the variation, you should be playing with a deck of 54 cards.

How to Play Joker Poker - Rules Explained

Online Joker Poker is played with a five-card hand. The objective is to gain the best winning hand possible, but any winning hand will do. The rules of play state you can hold any of the five cards or discard any that you wish. In fact, you could redraw all five cards. You are not allowed to use software that would affect the fairness of the game during gameplay.

Rather, the rules are about strategy to keep you playing without breaking the bank. The video machine has a random number generator that will draw the cards for you.

  1. Decide on a wager, either one-coin, max bet, or something in between.
  2. Select the wager.
  3. The machine will deal the cards.
  4. Select which cards you want to hold.
  5. Let the machine replace the cards you did not keep.
  6. The machine will then determine the payout automatically.

Understanding the Paytable - The Joker Poker Paytable Layout

Reading the paytable will be the best thing you can learn to win during Joker Poker. You must know what the poker hands are and how they are valued. For example, the paytable will list the hands in highest ranking order, with the natural royal flush first. You will also see the payout based on the number of coins you wager. If you wager one coin, you can expect a natural royal flush to pay 800 coins. It will pay 4,000 coins if you wager the maximum bet. Some of the paytables will also list the probability of gaining such a hand based on the amount spent, plus the return to player percentage, which is a payout percentage of how often the machine makes a payout for any hand.

Hands and Payout in Joker Poker

The hands are arranged in the highest ranking first.

ROYAL FLUSH – you can have a couple of types of royal flush, a natural, which does not use the joker, and a hand built on finishing with the joker. The natural royal flush is the 10 through Ace all in one suit and pays 800 for a single coin wager.

STRAIGHT FLUSH - a straight flush is any five consecutive cards in the same suit, such as the 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. The payout is 50 coins for one coin wagered.

FOUR OF A KIND – you will have four cards of the same number or face, which provides 20 coins for a coin wagered.

FULL HOUSE – a three of a kind and two pair.

FOUR TO A ROYAL FLUSH – you have four of the cards necessary to create a royal flush, but not the fifth.

FLUSH – any five cards in the same suit, not necessarily in consecutive order.

THREE OF A KIND – three cards that match such as three Aces.

STRAIGHT – five cards in consecutive order, but not of the same suit.

FOUR TO A STRAIGHT FLUSH – where you have four of the cards in consecutive order, in the same suit, but not the fifth.

TWO PAIR – you might have two Aces and two Eights.

HIGH PAIR – any pair that is Jacks or Better.

THREE TO A ROYAL FLUSH – you have three cards in consecutive order, in the same suit, but not the other two.

FOUR TO A FLUSH – you have four cards in the same suit, but not a fifth.

ONE LOW PAIR – anything 10 or lower, where you have two, such as two 10s.

FOUR TO A STRAIGHT – you have four cards in consecutive order, in any suit, but not five.

THREE TO A STRAIGHT FLUSH – you have three cards in the same suit that would make a straight flush if you had the other two cards.

TWO TO A STRAIGHT FLUSH – you have only two cards in the same suit that would help you make a straight flush.

TWO HIGH CARDS – any high cards, which are Jacks or Better.

ONE HIGH CARD – any card that is Jacks or Better.

FIVE DISCONNECTED LOW CARDS – low cards that are not in consecutive order, which can be the 2 through 10.

Joker Wild Poker

In Joker Wild Poker you are looking to use the joker to finish any of the above winning hands. The ranking is dependent on what you must make a winning hand. It is played with a standard 54-card deck.

Joker Poker Strategy

Playing Joker Poker online comes down to the strategy you employ during the game. Thankfully, the house edge is decent based on the types of cards that can provide an even payout. For example, a high card can pay 1 to 1, so if you invest one coin, you earn one coin, ensuring you break even. Of course, the goal is to gain more winnings than just evening out your wager. Here are some suggestions.

How to Play Your Cards When You Are Dealt a Joker

If you have a joker, you want to keep the joker because it is a wild card. You also want to keep the cards that provide the highest winning hand. For example, let’s say you have a 2, 5, 10, and Ace, but all these cards are in different suits. Your best choice is to create a pair of Aces with the joker versus a lower pair.

How to Play Your Cards When You Are Not Dealt a Joker

Without the joker, the house edge increases a little because it can be more difficult to create a winning hand. If you have no cards that make a winning hand, other than a high card, you would want to keep the high card and hope for a second card or the joker in your next deal. If you have four of the five cards necessary for a royal flush, it will pay out and is worth keeping. Always monitor the paytable to determine your best hand.


Joker Poker online is based on Jacks or Better with a wild card, which is the joker.


How is Joker Poker different from other variations?

Joker Poker online is based on Jacks or Better with a wild card, which is the joker.


What is the house edge in Joker Poker?

Most of the Video Poker machines available online will have a low house edge, around 0.46%. It is best to check the terms and conditions for the game to determine the house edge for Joker Poker, as it can vary from software provider to casino.


What is a Wild?

A wild or wild card is a helpful card that can make a poker hand a winner. For example, in Joker Poker, the two joker cards are wild, which allow you to finish any hand for a better payout. You might have four cards to a Royal Flush and be able to use the joker to finish the hand and gain the better payout.


What's the best strategy to play Joker Poker?

Video Poker is more about using your money wisely and taking low risks for the amount you must spend. It is not possible to card count or attempt to beat the random number generator with logic. Therefore, you are better off cutting your losses and not trying to chase them and understand when to quit playing for a time.


What are winning hands?

There are numerous winning hands; however, as a general answer, the hand that makes up one of the listed poker hands in the paytable will provide you with a win. A royal flush or even a single pair of cards can be winning hands.


I'm a beginner, can I play Joker Poker?

Yes, anyone can play Joker Poker online. You are making a good start by reading through the rules for Joker Poker, so you will understand how to win and how to strategize for the game. The key is to play in demo mode first to learn the game and then start investing real funds for real money winnings.

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