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When it comes to using a payment method for online casinos in 2018 then no mode of payment could be easier and faster than MyCitadel casinos in which making a deposit or withdrawal literally takes a matter of few minutes. We understand the importance of this payment system to online casinos and likewise players, that is we dedicate this post to MyCitadel and every info conecernibg it and what's more? We even recommeded the best MyCitadel casinos online considering such factors as security, amazing bonuses, varied game selection.


What Is MyCitadel?

MyCitadel is a fast and secure web-based money account that you are able to fund from your bank account, via credit cards, electronic fund transfer, other local payment options and via myCitadel wallet holders. It is powered by MyCitadel commerce, an electronic payment solution provider. The e-wallet solution is available in the US, Canada, Germany, UK, Spain, France and China. Once you have created an account and have set in funds, you are able to start spending. MyCitadel allows same day payments, instant cash transfers and allows you to transfer money instantly to online casinos and merchants without having to give out any banking information. The service is accepted at over 30 different online casinos as both a deposit and a withdrawal method.

MyCitadel Payments at Online Casinos – How to Deposit with MyCitadel?

To start using Mycitadel, you will begin by visiting the MyCitadel Wallet official website where you will be guided through the registration process, after signing up at their website, open an account and connect to your bank account. You are then able to transfer money into your MyCitadel wallet and from it instantly.

However, if you have not opened an account with MyCitadel, you may find when you go to their website that they are currently not accepting new wallet subscriptions. On the MyCitadel Commerce website, you can have a look at their other products on offer.

To deposit at MyCitadel online casinos, follow the simple steps we have laid down:

Step 1

First of all, you need to make sure that your MyCitadel account has enough funds.

Step 2

Then sign up or log into your chosen online casino.

Step 3

Go to the cashier or locate the site’s ‘Deposit’ button, and select Mycitadel from the list of payment options.

Step 4

Type the amount you desire to deposit into the field provided.

Step 5

Provide the casino with your account identification.

Once these steps have been completed your online casino receives confirmation that the transaction has been completed, and the funds will be available to play with immediately.

Withdrawing Winnings at Online Casino Using MyCitadel

Withdrawing from Online casinos using MyCitadel is pretty easy, the process is similar to depositing, go to the cashier or locate the site’s 'Withdrawal’ button and select MyCitadel from the list of payment options, provide the requested information and your funds will be withdrawn into your MyCitadel account in no time.

Funds can be withdrawn from your MyCitadel account using bank transfer, direct bank deposits, and paper cheques. The fee for having a paper Cheque sent by first class mail is € 7 and by Federal Express Courier the fee rises to € 57.

Bank withdrawals are free. You can easily access any cleared funds by using the SecureSwipe feature of MyCitadel Wallet. It works like your bank’s ATM. You are only reauired to swipe your personal bank card, enter your card PIN and funds are instantly transferred from your MyCitadel Wallet into your bank account.

Advantages of Using MyCitadel as a Casino Deposit Method

The most important and primary advantage of MyCitadel is that it is secure and safe to use, protected with top security software. MyCitadel also provides a combination of transaction monitoring, SMS transaction verification for cardholders and a dedicated anti-fraud team put in place to prevent fraud when you use MyCitadel for online transactions, the only information visible to the merchant is your MyCitadel 's email.

Whether you are depositing or withdrawing, MyCitadel is fast, easy and reliable. you can upload money to your gaming account instantly and make real-money bets right away.

Since MyCitadel is an e-wallet, this means that you will have to upload funds to your MyCitadel account before you can use it for topping up your gaming balance. This way you can avoid getting too involved in your virtual gambling and spending more than you are allowed to.

 It is also free to use, you will not be charged any fees for transactions which do not exceed € 1,000. Even if you go over this sum, you will have to pay a small fee which is very reasonable. It depends on the country of transfer and what type of transaction is being done.

Another wonderful advantage of MyCitadel is that users are awarded points when using this wallet, which can be later exchanged for nice prizes.

MyCitadel is available in various languages like English, French, German, Spanish and Turkish and supports multi-currencies such as USD, CAD, Euros, GBP, RMB (CNY), SEK (krona).

There is an efficient online customer service that you can reach by mail, chat and a 24/7 toll free number when you have questions or encounter issues with the facility.

Disadvantages of MyCitadel

Just like many other payment methods, MyCitadel also has some downsides which are:

 MyCitadel is restricted only to some countries, and in these countries, not many casinos offer the chance to deposit or withdraw with MyCitadel.

Another big disadvantage is that MyCitadel does not accept new customers. This means that only virtual players who already have e-wallets by MyCitadel will be able to use them as payment solutions at virtual casinos to top up your gaming balance.

 High-rollers might fund the € 2,500 penned by the e-wallet as deposit limit inconvenient and limiting. If you want to enjoy higher limits, you will have to verify your account by providing some personal details that some people might feel uncomfortable sharing.

How We Select the Best MyCitadel Online Casinos

Before recommending any online casinos to you we carry out our research and review them carefully to be sure that they are actually the best online casinos out there. We do this  based on a number of criteria:


A top MyCitadel online casino that knows its salt should be able to keep its members personal and financial data securely stored with high level security measures.


We believe that an online casino's legitimacy is proved by its licenses and as such we will never rate a casino that is not licensed under the government or other gambling authorities.

Game Selection

A top MyCitadel casino is expected to have an array of games that would keep members hooked and engaged.

Website Navigation

There is no joy in playing games or searching for information on a Casino’s website with bad and disorganized navigation, we believe in making our readers happy, so we only recommend Casinos with applaudable user interface and good navigation.

Bonuses and Promotions

If you have a good payment method, then you should also have real money to withdraw with it, top MyCitadel casinos should offer bonuses, free spins and regular promotional offers that gamblers can cash out as real money.

Vip Club

It would be a big turnoff if you want to raise your stakes higher but you are being limited by average games, a top online casino should have VIP clubs that offer VIP programs for high rollers and VIP tiers that adventurous members can aim to achieve.



Why should I use MyCitadel?

You should use MyCitadel because it is a fast, easy, secured and trusted method of making transactions in an online casino.


Is MyCitadel accepted at all online casinos?

Not all online casinos accept this e-wallet, the online casinos that accept MyCitadel as a payment method are situated in countries like France, China, USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Spain


Is MyCitadel accepted at all online casinos?

Not all online casinos accept this e-wallet, the online casinos that accept MyCitadel as a payment method are situated in countries like France, China, USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Spain


Are there any fees?

There are no fees attached when you carry out transactions as long as you don't exceed the € 1,000, after which you will be required to make.


How are my winnings paid?

You can request to have your winnings paid directly to you're myCitadel wallet, or you can transfer them to another valid account.


Is MyCitadel safe to use?

Yes, MyCitadel is protected by high end security software and the information you input on MyCitadel are highly encrypted, so yes, it is safe to use.


What is the minimum amount I can withdraw via MyCitadel?

€ 25 if you are a certified user, it is not specified you if an uncertified user.0 € 500 total, but when you verify your wallet and it is certified, it will increase to € 10,000 per day.


What is the maximum amount I can deposit via MyCitadel?

The Maximum amount you can deposit is € 2,500, if you want to go higher, you would be required to submit some information for verification.

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