Best Casinos Online 2024 like the name implies is a Russian payment option. It is called an e-commerce solution for casinos, and players who are in Russia. Only Russian online casino players are able to use for deposits and withdrawals in online casinos

A word of advice though—Russia has specific laws with regards to online casino play. is regulated as a deposit and withdrawal method, and one has to choose online casinos that are as well for the payments to be processed. The list of top casinos was compiled to help players connect with casinos that take, legally. works with most of the banks in Russia as an electronic payment system and has become one of the most popular choices. 


How to Open a Account?

Players who wish to use as their deposit and withdrawal option can open an account by visiting the website. The user will need to agree to the terms and conditions of the eWallet service before proceeding. Registration is required by providing an email and password. Once players select the confirm link in their email that was sent by, they will be able to login and start using the account benefits. It is an eWallet, so funds do need to be in the account for use. Players can use bank cards and electronic systems to top up their account. There are fees associated with these options. Payments at Online Casinos - How to Deposit with

Players need to visit the online casino of their choice that accepts deposits. On the banking or deposit page, select Players will be prompted to enter the account number, payment password, and the amount. A confirmation is required. Once the confirmation is made, players will see their casino account credited with the deposit amount.

Withdrawing Winnings at Online Casinos Using

The withdrawing method works the same way. Visit the banking page, only this time select withdrawal. Follow the prompts, including the account number and deposit amount, confirm the transaction, and wait for the processing time to be completed. Withdrawals take longer for the casino and to process. Each casino will have a processing time and then will add their processing time before the funds are available to the player in their account.

Advantages of Using as a Casino Deposit Method

The main advantage of is being a Russian payment system for players living in Russia. It is not the only option, but it certainly offers the most advantages to Russian players.

  • is accepted at online casinos.
  • It can be used as a deposit and withdrawal option.
  • Moneta is secure.
  • It is easy to use.
  • There are no fees.
  • There is a customer service department.

How We Select the Best Online Casinos

The casino has to offer to be considered. Okay, sorry for the little pun. There are at least six factors reviewers look at before making the distinction that a casino is part of the best online casinos.


Reviewers will dig deep to determine what type of security encryption is in place for transactions to ensure it is up to date and within the laws of the regulating country.


Given the legal restrictions against casinos in Russia, reviewers ensure the company is licensed and legally operating for Russian citizens.

Speed of Payouts

Everyone wants their payouts immediately, like the deposits, and while that is not possible, finding the casinos with the fastest processing time is.

Bonuses and Promotions

Knowing players can access the various bonuses and promotions while using deposits, plus finding any at all on a casino site is part of making the choice for the top casinos online.

VIP Club

Being rewarded for loyalty and spending is helpful and makes players feel worthwhile to the casino of their choice. VIP clubs are necessary for that loyalty.

Games Selection

Over 800 games! Have you ever seen such an advertisement? Of course, you have if you have looked at various online casinos. But, most of those games are slots. A casino should have an array of games of several types including Table Games and Live Dealer Games to suit the player.

FREQUENTLY THOUGHT QUESTIONS is a relatively new concept to those who are not in Russia and for those who do have access to this option, you may still have questions.


Why should I use is for Russian players and is a regulated system of online payments available to you.


Is accepted at all online casinos?

No, given the limitations of the payment method, it is not available at all online casinos, but that is unimportant because it is available at the casinos where Russian players can legally play.


Is my personal information safe?

Yes, you will have an account online rather than giving the casino your personal details.


Are there any fees?

To open a account is free. However, there are fees associated with the topping up of the account. For example, transferring money into the wallet is up to 1 % or if through a postal number it is 2 %. The transfers can take a few days. Going with other electronic methods is less expensive and is instant.


Are there any alternatives I can use instead of

Yes, if you decide you do not like the parameters or terms and conditions of there are other payment methods you can use at online casinos. However, even those are limited to where a player may live.


What is the minimum/maximum I can deposit with

Casinos have different minimums, such as 10-euro, RUB, USD, and GBP. You are going to have to check with the online casino for the minimum and maximum deposit amounts. The information should be on the banking page but may be in the terms and conditions.


What if in my country I cannot deposit with

As stated, is for Russian players, who live in Russia or have a bank account in Russia. It is not supported by other countries, so if you are not Russian, you can choose one of the many alternatives available to you, and where you reside.

CONCLUSION is an online eWallet that works for Russian players. It is not available to citizens who are not Russian or who do not have a Russian bank account. Setting up is free; however, there are fees associated with how money gets into the account. casinos are those that accept this deposit method. Not all casinos are able to accept Moneta, nor are they licensed to operate in Russia for players. It is always best to check the terms and conditions of individual casinos when selecting a place that accepts Russian players. As a payment method it is extremely specific but works for what it is. Players who do not qualify to use have other options.

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