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Qiwi Wallet is an electronic wallet using a Visa Prepaid Account. Consumers can use their account to pay merchants, make person to person transfers, and for online gambling. Players Qiwi account can be linked to virtual or physical prepaid cards to make purchases and deposits. Qiwi is a Russian based company offering an electronic wallet for online casino fun, merchant payments, and more online money needs.

Qiwi online casinos are those that will accept Qiwi as a deposit method. Finding the best Qiwi casinos online can be difficult unless you know what to look for. We as iGaming experts are here to make the choice easier on you by determining which casinos accept Qiwi and some of the reasons you might wish to play at those casinos versus others. Ultimately, the decision will be yours for where to play; however, it never hurts to have a helping hand narrowing down your choices for Qiwi online casinos.


How to Open a Qiwi Account?

For use at Qiwi casinos online, players will need to open a Qiwi wallet. The e-wallet payment system helps you send money to an online casino, but you are going to need to register for an account on the Qiwi site. Players should visit Qiwi to enter their personal details and set up an account. When there are funds in their wallet account, it can be used to make deposits at the online casinos.

Qiwi Payments at Online Casinos—How to Deposit with Qiwi?

Players can make deposits at online casinos accepting Qiwi by logging into their casino account. From the desktop, app, or web, players can select “banking,” “cashier,” or “deposit” (depending on the site) and select make a deposit. Players need to choose Qiwi Wallet as the payment method. At this point players will follow the prompts on the screen to select the amount they wish to deposit and fund their account.

Withdrawing Winnings at Online Casinos Using Qiwi

Please check with the individual Qiwi casino online about the withdrawal options. Some casinos are rather restrictive requesting that a player use the Qiwi wallet for deposits for a full year before they can withdraw their winnings. The good news is that you can use Qiwi at most online casinos for withdrawals, unlike some of the other casino payment methods. If the withdrawal method is available, there will be a processing time at the casino that may take a few days and then Qiwi will need to process the receipt of funds before they are available for players to withdraw to their bank or to use in other merchant locations.

Advantages of Using Qiwi as a Casino Deposit Method

Using Qiwi as a casino deposit method has some advantages, one of which is making deposits available to countries that may not have other casino deposit methods available to them.

  • Qiwi wallet transfers are instant.
  • Players can use Qiwi to withdraw their winnings.
  • Qiwi is usable online, in an app, or with desktop casino software.
  • Qiwi is free to use. 

How We Select the Best Qiwi Online Casinos

Casinos accepting Qiwi are plentiful, but how do you know they are a place you want to play? Our reviewers have looked at the following details of Qiwi online casinos to help you choose the top Qiwi casinos.


Playing safely without your personal information being spread throughout the net is imperative, so reviews assess the security in place for personal data.


Casinos should be licensed to operate in any country; therefore, checking a license is in place and in good standing is part of the review process.

Speed of Payouts

Players want access to their money quickly; thus, assessing the speed of payouts helps one know how quickly funds will be provided.

VIP Club

Being rewarded as a player is fun and makes one think they are worth keeping around. Checking to see if a casino has VIP club rewards is one way to help players find the best Qiwi online casinos.

Game Selection

If only slots are available at a casino, do you still want to play there? Perhaps you will, but another player might want Table Games instead. Reviews assess game selection to help players choose the right place to register.

Payout Percentages

Fair play is important, particularly, when using hard earned funds to play online games. Knowing the payout percentages are fair or better than another casino can help narrow down the choices.


Players deserve to understand payment options for online casinos and what limitations or choices they have. Here are a few answers that could help you make a decision as to where to play or whether to use Qiwi


Why should I use Qiwi?

Qiwi limits access to your personal bank account details by sending the money from your eWallet to the casino. The layer of protection, plus the usability of Qiwi with multiple merchants makes it worthwhile.


Is Qiwi accepted at all online casinos?

No, some casinos do not accept this method of deposit and withdrawal.


Is my personal information safe?

Yes, encryption is used to protect your information.


Are there any fees?

No, Qiwi does not have fees to set up an account or to make a transfer. Check the terms and conditions with online casinos to see if they have a fee for this deposit/withdrawal method. Some may have fees, and others will not.


Can I claim a Welcome Bonus when depositing with Qiwi?

Yes, the regular Welcome Bonus is available for depositing with Qiwi. However, special bonuses like credit card bonuses or those designed to get players to use a certain deposit method are not going to be available for Qiwi users. Always check the terms and conditions regarding bonuses to make sure you can take advantage of them.


How are my winnings paid?

You will go into the withdrawal area of the casino to select withdraw funds, and by what method. Your winnings will be sent to the Qiwi wallet that you used to make the deposit.


How long do Qiwi payouts take?

It will depend on the casino. Many casinos have a specific processing time for certain withdrawal methods, such as three days. In addition, the bank or eWallet will need time to process the funds being sent to the account.


Qiwi Wallets are one-way players in certain countries can fund their online casino fun. Qiwi is a Russian based company offering money transfers using electronic wallets. For merchants that accept this payment method it is easy and instant to transfer money to make a payment.

Qiwi online casinos are those that allow deposits and withdrawals made with Qiwi Wallets. Players have reviews of casinos that use this method and plenty of choices in how to fund their online entertainment. The above has explored questions, provided answers, and offered reasons to use Qiwi instead of other payment methods. As an alternative to more widely used options, it may be the only choice a player has based on where they live. Qiwi is one money transfer option that you should assess the terms and conditions of and use when you feel secure.

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