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Zimpler is a pay by phone method that allows you to deposit now and pay via your phone bill at the same time each month. It comes with a lot of benefits, for example, your personal details are protected, which allows you to feel safer. Plus, you can restrict your spending to prevent overindulging in online casinos. Zimpler deposits are quick, hassle-free, and most importantly, safe. Our experts have reviewed all the casinos accepting Zimpler payments and created a list of top Zimpler online casinos. If you want to learn more about Zimpler, we recommend that you read our detailed guide to Zimpler casinos that can be found on this page.


Zimpler is considered a Swedish fintech company. It began in 2012 as a mobile payments system enabling users to have a mobile wallet, which would also give the user the ability to control their spending. Consumers can set spending limits to prevent using too much.

Zimpler is not like electronic wallets, where you have an online account with a balance. Instead, it is a pay by phone option, where you just need a phone number and a mobile phone. Players can sign up for Zimpler casinos and deposit funds instantly into their account. No apps, no registration, or any complicated 16-character code is required.

Online casinos with Zimpler deposits make it possible for players to enjoy all the games, the fun, and entertainment at a casino without making it a hassle to deposit money. Players can choose from the Zimpler online casinos to determine which one has the best advantages and game selection.

You do not need to open a Zimpler account but set up your preferred payment method. You can use a debit card, credit card, Zimpler account, invoice, or bank account to set up the payments.

How to Use Zimpler?

Even though you do not need a Zimpler account, you can set one up. In fact, an account is created the first time you pay with Zimpler. You do not have to prepare any lengthy process in advance. Instead, when you select Zimpler as a payment process, you will enter your phone number, select the method of payment, and Zimpler will send an SMS message that now links to a Zimpler account. You can track payment history, manage and even limit your spending.

Zimpler Payments at Online Casinos – How to Deposit with Zimpler?

Choose a Zimpler casino online. Visit the banking or deposit page. On the page, scroll until you find Zimpler, as a deposit option. Enter your phone number and await the text. Once the text has been sent you know you have a Zimpler account and can choose a payment method. If you have already set up Zimpler than you have linked a payment system such as your mobile phone bill or credit card. Choose the amount you want to deposit and confirm the payment. Each time you use Zimpler for deposits, you will receive a new verification code to complete the transaction.

Withdrawing Winnings at Online Casinos Using Zimpler

Online casinos accepting Zimpler deposits are exactly that—you are not able to withdraw your winnings using the same deposit method. Zimpler like all pay by phone options uses the mobile phone bill to bill you. Instead of an instant deposit coming out of your bank account, you have to pay the funds when you get your mobile phone bill. For this reason, Zimpler is not set up to withdraw winnings back to the same account. If you had a bill that was 200 euros, where 100 euros is your regular phone bill, and wanted to send 1,000 euros in winnings, it wouldn’t work. The company would owe you money. It is far better to choose a different withdrawal method.

Advantages of Using Zimpler as a Casino Deposit Method

For players who are wondering why people like to use Zimpler as a deposit method, but remove funds using a different option, here are the advantages.

  • Payments can easily be made using your mobile device.
  • You can make a payment via the browser.
  • Deposits are secure, without your personal banking information attached.
  • Zimpler is approved by the FSA (financial services authority)
  • You can limit your bankroll; therefore, your spending at casinos.

How We Select the Best Zimpler Online Casinos

Helping you find the top Zimpler online casinos takes examining more than their deposit methods. You will also want to see what security, licensing, payout speed, and more they offer to differentiate one casino from another.

Payout Percentages

The payout percentage is a percent amount that you can potentially win from a game. If the games say 94 percent at one casino and 96 percent at another casino, you know the higher payout percentage is more favorable to you.


Every casino has to provide some security, but are there Zimpler casinos that give you 256-bit encryption versus 128-bit? These are the types of things to look for, and that is what our reviews help you with.


Some casinos attempt to get by without a proper license for the countries they accept players from. It makes getting your winnings difficult. By checking the licensing regulator, players can be safe in the knowledge that they have a casino that is in good-standing and operating legally.

Speed of Payouts

Some payout methods take over a week, because of the bank of choice, but from the casino end, players can assess if one or four days is needed for the same process at another casino and choose the faster payout.

Game Selection

Are you drawn to online casinos that say they have over 700 games? Of course, it sounds like the Zimpler online casino has lots to enjoy, but what if 90 percent of those games are slots? By assessing the game selection for the type and the amount you will know better where you want to play.

Website Navigation

Reviewers assess if customer service, banking, game selection, and more is all easy to find and readily available to consumers. Some webpages are more difficult, or the site hides pertinent details in the site map instead of offering a simplistic menu.


Zimpler online casinos exist to make it easier for you to deposit money, but that doesn’t mean you have all the answers about the process.


Is Zimpler accepted at all online casinos?

No, Zimpler is mainly a Swedish payment system working with European mobile phone providers. It is not accepted at all the online casinos.


Is my personal information safe?

Yes, in fact, since you do not share banking details to make a deposit, your information is safer than other deposit methods.


Are there any fees?

Yes, there are fees associated with this choice in deposit method. Zimpler charges a small fee each time a transaction occurs via your phone. They will send a bill via email or to your phone and you have 14 days to pay the fees. If you fail to pay the fee, there will also be a delay charge applied.


Can I claim a Welcome Bonus when depositing with Zimpler?

Each casino has different rules regarding their Welcome Bonus. If you need to make a deposit and can do so with any method, the bonus is yours to grab. However, some specialty bonuses may only work with specified deposit methods. Always check the terms and conditions of these Welcome Bonuses at the casino of choice.


How are my winnings paid?

You will need to select a different method for payouts. Your winnings will be paid based on the withdrawal method of choice, since Zimpler does not provide withdrawal options.


How long do Zimpler deposits take?

Zimpler provides instant deposits. The moment you select the amount and confirm the transaction, you are able to see the funds in the online casino account.


The best Zimpler casinos online are those that offer Zimpler as a deposit method. It does not mean they are error free or the best choice for you. The list of top Zimpler casinos online was compiled to help you narrow down the choices without the legwork. We have done the work for you.

You now have access to casinos accepting Zimpler deposits. With this narrow choice, you can start to assess the other review points to see which casinos have your games of choice, ease of use and more.

The best part about Zimpler casinos is that you use a payment method that helps you limit your spending. When it comes to other deposit options, it can be easy to suddenly deposit too much because you think the money is there, but the balance was incorrect. Be safe in knowing your details are secure, you are transferring funds you have, and ensuring that you are enjoying the game play. With Zimpler, it does not work for everyone, but at least it is a clear option for those who have access.

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