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Aristocrat Leisure Limited or simply Aristocrat is definitely one of the oldest players in the iGaming industry as their history goes back to 1953! Curiously enough, it took them only 3 years to revolutionise the market by introducing the Clubmaster, the very first machine to offer scattered and multiline payouts. As any other game developer, Aristocrat started with land-based machines. Within the first decade of their activity, they've made such a big progress that they decided to expand their business to Europe. Throughout the years, with their main office based in Australia, they've managed to spread their product across the whole world. They are still best known for their land-based products but one needs to know that they keep developing online casino games which can be found at Aristocrat online casinos.


Aristocrat casinos are those powered by Aristocrat software. Aristocrat sites use third-party software to ensure players have the games they desire. When you ask the question—where to play Aristocrat games—you might find the casino has additional software options in conjunction with Aristocrat games. The casino can also just use the software from Aristocrat. The company has designed their software to work seamlessly with third-party casino operations to give some o the best games found online. This guide is meant to help you discover the top Aristocrat casinos, Aristocrat no deposit bonuses and Aristocrat free spins.

About Aristocrat

Aristocrat is one of several software providers for online casinos. They offer slot machine, poker, and other casino game technology Around the World. Aristocrat has two sites, USA and Australia. The Australia website is also for customers in New Zealand. The site helps businesses find software and solutions that work in their area, whether they are looking for land-based or online products. Aristocrat Technologies also has a company called Oasis, which offers solutions for casino operators.

Brief History of Aristocrat

Aristocrat has several names for their subsidiaries, but Aristocrat Leisure is the main company founded in 1953. It is an Australian based company, which became publicly listed in 1996. The owner, Len Ainsworth, founded the company, as well as Ainsworth Game Technology. Aristocrat has several licenses to distribute slot machines, poker, and other gaming products. The licenses include the ability to provide their technology to more than 200 jurisdictions. Aristocrat has numerous partnerships, which has led to some of their most popular slots. In 2017, Trevor Croker took over as the CEO. Aristocrat has 6,000 people who work in 13 countries. It is also a billion-dollar corporation. Aristocrat owns Video Gaming Technologies, Platinum, and Big Fish Games.

Aristocrat's Top Slots

If you wish to know what Aristocrat games are like, then checking out the top slots by the company is one way to learn.


The game is in its 10th anniversary, with upgrades since its original release. It is both a land-based and online slot machine, with stellar images for the top screen, and western based symbols.

Big Bang Theory

Part of what makes Aristocrat sites worthwhile is their partnerships, where the company has the rights to create slot machines based on favorite shows like the Big Bang Theory. The slot is all about the show and the concept of sciences “big bang theory.”

The Walking Dead

Another top slot based on a highly popular TV show, the Walking Dead is going to have zombies, wild attacks, and much more.

Queen of the Nile

The title of this game has everything to do with Cleopatra VII. It is one of the original slot machines by the company that was turned into an online and mobile slot.

Britney Spears

The popular singer is still making waves, particularly with the generation that is capable of gambling. It is definitely a machine that provides symbols representing the singer.

Why Play Aristocrat Slots

The list of Aristocrat’s top slots is just one indication why you might wish to play the games.

  • Decent payout percentages
  • Graphics that make you smile
  • Bonus games that add to the fun
  • Games have various bet/stake combinations for all players

Aristocrat in Mobile Casinos

The top Aristocrat sites are also available in mobile casinos. Players can find the same great games in online settings on their mobile devices, either by going to the website directly or downloading an app. The review of online and mobile casinos will help you discover the best Aristocrat casinos based on how you wish to play the games, via mobile or regular online access. Many of the same great games you find in the full version of Aristocrat casino sites are found in the mobile casinos. It is important to always review the casino before you make a choice.

Aristocrat Casino Bonuses

Players will have access to casino bonuses. There are no deposit bonuses and even free spins at most casinos. When you search the top Aristocrat casinos, you will uncover places you can play the games they offer, plus the bonuses to make certain you play with lower risk to yourself. While we are calling the bonuses “Aristocrat” some may be used on the website’s entire menagerie of games. Others may be very specific in the terms and conditions for what games support the bonus. For example, Aristocrat free spins are designed for specific Aristocrat slot machines. You can play for free, spinning the reels again and again, until your free spins run out. The best part is that you get to keep the winnings created as long as you meet the terms and conditions of the bonuses.

How Our Experts Select the Best Aristocrat Casinos

Reviewing the hundreds of casinos that exist online is a monumental task, particularly, when many of the casinos that come up in the search are geared towards your area or the most traffic. How do you know what the best Aristocrat sites are unless you read about them? The following are ways we help you discover the top Aristocrat sites, so you don’t have to do the hard work.

Customer Support

Our reviewers test customer support. The reviewer assesses the support options and then attempts to determine how easy it is to get an answer from a real, live person.

Game Selection

Casinos are always assessed on how many games they have, and if the games are worth playing, which is why Aristocrat casinos are compared in the same way. In this way, you know if the casino has more than one software contributor, plus the games you want to play from the company.


All legitimate casinos should have a license that is in good standing, which our experts check before listing a site in the top places to play.

Website Navigation

Getting around the site and finding the games, banking, and other information is important to players. Our experts assess the ease of the sites use against others.

Speed of Payouts

Quickly obtaining your winnings is definitely something you wish. But, casinos have payout processing times, which are not always created equal.


Being secure when you play online is important; therefore, the reviewer takes the time to test the security and to learn what type of security is in place such as SSL encryption.


Players seeking things like Aristocrat free spins, and no deposit bonuses, may still have questions about where to play and what is available. Here are some more answers to help you.


Where can I play Aristocrat slots?

There are two options, you can find Aristocrat casinos that only offer the one software or play at a casino with multiple software options. Finding the sites is not difficult with the list of top Aristocrat sites provided, including reviews that help guide you to the place you want to play the most based on the benefits it has for the player you are.


Are Aristocrat casinos safe?

Yes, security is in place. Additionally, experts are not going to recommend a site in the best Aristocrat casinos list that are not safe and properly reviewed so that you can feel confident wherever you play games.


Can I play Aristocrat slots for free?

Yes, Aristocrat games are designed with demo modes. You can also set up a “free play” account instead of a real money account to enjoy the games for fun and not for profit.


Which casinos offer Aristocrat Free Spins?

There are plenty of casinos that have Aristocrat free spins, and because of the various options, a list is not provided here. However, you can look at the list of best Aristocrat casinos to figure out which ones have Aristocrat free spins.


What is the payout percentage of Aristocrat slots?

The payout percentage or return to player (RTP) will vary with the casinos. The information our experts have uncovered thus far is that Aristocrat slots typically have a 95.70% RTP. It is not the highest payout percentage, but it is certainly not the lowest. The RTP can also vary from slot to slot, such as Queen of the Nile II only having 95.60% as the RTP.


Aristocrat casinos are locations where you can play popular slots, Table Games, and other casino games. Some of the Aristocrat sites will have partnerships with other software providers, ensuring the online website has more than a few hundred games. Most of the Aristocrat casinos are going to offer a single software, which makes it easier to answer the question of where to play Aristocrat games. Whether you are searching for Aristocrat casino bonuses, no deposit bonuses, or free spins, the guide above has endeavored to answer all your questions. Now all you have to do is look at the best Aristocrat casinos and decide where you would like to play.

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