Online Video Poker | The Ultimate Guide to Video Poker Online 2024

Video Poker online is the same Video Poker you find in a mechanical machine in a land-based casino. The key to success is going to be learning how to play Video Poker, and what are the Video Poker rules. Rules of Video Poker are fairly straight forward, and the game is based more on strategizing how you will play versus the rules for Video Poker. The guide here is to help you with Video Poker online, learning the game, the variations, and where to play. Let’s get started with online Video Poker, so you can start having fun.

Getting Started with Video Poker - Video Poker Rules Explained

Video Poker is based on draw poker, the original table game. There are also variations that will provide you with certain “wild” cards to make it easier to get a winning hand. To make it more difficult to count cards or trick the random number generator, the game is usually based on multiple decks. If it is only one deck, the machine will reset each time you play, shuffling the deck, rather than leaving a discard pile.

You will receive five cards, which you can hold or discard. You can even get all five cards replaced or just a single card. Once you have exchanged your cards once, you will see if your hand makes a qualifying hand. The jokers will be in the deck and act as wild in standard Video Poker games. You only exchange cards once and the game play is based on the poker value of the hand.

If you have a qualifying hand you will always win. There is no dealer and no dealer hand. It does make it easier to win, as long as the cards are in your favor. Here are some of the poker variations and the different rules that will apply. 

STEP 1: Choose a Preferred Video Poker Variation

Part of playing Video Poker is understanding how the rules can differ based on the game variation you choose.

Jacks or Better

For your hand to win you need a pair of Jacks or Better. A pair of anything lower than a jack is not going to win. You can also have two pair or three of a kind, which will win, as well as higher value hands.

Deuces Wild Poker

In this variation, the deuces or 2s are going to be wild. If you have a two in your hand it can be used to make a hand that wins.

Two Ways Royal

You need Jacks or Better to win 1 to 1 payout with this game. The difference between Jacks or Better and Two Ways Royal is the game pays 2 to 6 for a straight flush, which is the same as a royal flush. In other words, if you have a lo or hi royal flush you get 800 coins. The game is from Playtech.


The variations explained above, especially Jacks or Better can be found in a multi-hand format, so you can play several hands at once and possibly win out of a few of the hands you play versus losing one or winning just one.

Pick’em Poker

A game where you only have two choices. You are given two cards to start. You can then have another two dealt. You will need to choose between the second round of two cards to make a hand.

Bonus Poker

The game differs from Jacks or Better by paying out better for four of a kind hands. Overall, the amount won is higher than in the standard Jacks or Better.

Progressive Jackpots

Some of the Video Poker machine variations are tied into progressive jackpots. The more you play the more you add to the jackpot, which is won when you get the highest possible hand, betting the maximum amount per hand.

STEP 2: Place a Bet

Placing a bet is based on choosing one hand, max bet, or selecting a range in between the minimum and maximum wager allowed on the machine.

STEP 3: Pick the Cards to Hold

You get to choose the cards you keep and discard, which should be based on the variation you play. Some games allow for Jacks or Better to be the lowest hand. In other words, if you have a pair of jacks you can win 1 to 1. However, other games require a higher hand such as two pairs to win. Make sure this factors into your strategy.

STEP 4: Gamble Feature

A secondary bet that appears if you win, it is often a gamble on whether the next card in the deck is red or black, where you have a 5o/50 option of winning. If you choose wrong, you lose your entire wager and winnings.

Understanding the Paytable and Video Poker Paytable Layout

The poker pay table will show how much you can earn based on how much you wager, as well as the hand you receive. You want to look at the layout and see the potential of gaining a royal flush versus Jacks or Better and then choose what cards to hold or discard. The highest payout and lowest probability is the royal flush.

Guide to Poker Hands

 Examine the list of hands to choose wisely when playing Video Poker online.

ROYAL FLUSH – Ace through Jack in the same suit.

STRAIGHT FLUSH – Ace through Jack in any suit.

FOUR OF A KIND – four of the same card values like 4-1os.

FULL HOUSE – three of one card and two of another cards.

FLUSH – five cards of the same suit, they do not have to be in order.

STRAIGHT FLUSH- five cards in an identical suit, in numerical order. 

THREE OF A KIND – three of the same cards such as three Aces.

TWO PAIR – you might have two Jacks and two Queens.

PAIR OF Jacks or Better – two cards that are either a Jack or higher in value.

What is the House Edge in Video Poker?

Depending on the game the edge can be 0.46% or up to 7.28%. It also depends on the casino.


Need a few quick answers before you try to tackle one of the many variations of Video Poker? Here are some of the frequently asked questions, with answers to get you started.


What is Video Poker?

Video Poker is a virtual rendition of table poker games, most often using draw versions of poker as opposed to stud variations. Players are against the computer-dealer rather than a live person or virtual dealer. Video Poker uses a random number generator and often multiple decks to ensure no card counting, and a more favorable house edge for the casino.


Where can I play Video Poker?

Most online casinos and even land-based casinos have Video Poker games. You will want to choose a reviewed casino that is safe and secure to play at, rather than any online location you come across.


What is the Payout Percentage of Video Poker?

The payout percentage will vary based on the casino and the Video Poker game variation. However, you can expect a percentage between 95% and 99.54% at most online casinos. The payout percentage is the amount you obtain based on what you wager. If you wager 100 pounds, it is possible that you will only see 95% of that returned to you.


What is volatility in Video Poker?

Volatility is a measurement of bankroll when applied to gambling. A high volatility machine would require you to make rather large wagers, without a high return to player. A lower volatility game offers less risk. You will want to examine a machine for its volatility rating to see if it falls into the high or low risk category and base your play on whether it is worth the rare high payout.


Which Video Poker variation Should I play?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. Rather, the answer is based on preferences. You should choose a game you enjoy, know how to play, and are willing to learn some strategies regarding game play versus something that is suggested.


What is Gamble feature in Video Poker?

Depending on the poker lingo you know, you might call the gamble feature “double-up,” which also means to stake your current winnings in another game. The idea is to put your winnings in a 50/50 position, so that you increase your overall win. Most Video Poker games will ask you to decide if the next card will be red or black, and if you choose the right color you gain double your winnings. If you do not guess correctly, you lose your winnings from the main game.


Can I win at Video Poker?

Yes, anyone can win at Video Poker. It is not a matter of winning or losing, so much as the strategy you use to play the game, including knowing when to quit. Any game you play in an online casino has its risks and it is how you manage the risks that makes the difference. To win more, you need to play smart, and reduce your risk of losing money.

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