Best Yandex Casinos Online 2024

Yandex Casinos are those that accept Yandex money transfers using the Wallet API. The eWallet allows players to deposit or withdraw their funds from online casinos. To understand this payment option, we have looked at top Yandex casinos online to determine what the payment service has to offer players. Yandex online casinos are reviewed for specific aspects to help players narrow their choices.


Yandex is one payment option players have at casinos. The company is a multinational corporation run by Russian founder Arkady Volozh. The company provides Internet products and services beyond being a payment service. It is a search engine, information source, eCommerce, navigation, mobile app, transportation, and online advertising company. Yandex has over 70 different services, including the payment platform. The company provides their services and products mostly to Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

How to Open a Yandex Account

Players need to open a Yandex money account or eWallet before they can use this method at online casinos. To open an account, visit the Yandex Money page online. Select start an account. Players will be prompted to enter a username, password, and phone number. The phone number is for verification purposes. Once an account is established, players can transfer money into the account from a card, between cards, through Western Union, via Unistream, or to a bank account. Yandex can transfer from a bank card to the Yandex wallet or to a bank account if a person wishes to take money out of the account. There will be fees associated with the amount depending on how much is being transferred. For example, if there is an amount under 4,000 Rubles being transferred, Yandex charges a 1% commission. For amounts over 4,000 R, there is no charge.

Yandex Payments at Online Casinos – How to Deposit with Yandex?

Find an online casino accepting Yandex deposits. Register with the casino, if you have not done so already. Visit the banking or deposit page, scroll until you find Yandex, and select that method. Players will go to the payment gateway to choose Yandex eWallet as their source of deposit, where they will need to enter the amount to send to the casino. There are prompts that help a player complete this transfer method. Yandex will send the funds instantly as soon as the player has confirmed the transaction.

Withdrawing Winnings at Online Casinos Using Yandex

Depending on what source players use for information, it can be quite confusing to understand whether or not they can withdraw winnings at online casinos with Yandex deposits. If withdrawals are an option, the Yandex online casino will show “Yandex” in the withdrawal section of banking. In this area, players will be able to select on the withdrawal option and follow the prompts. Should Yandex not be a valid withdrawal method, players are able to choose from alternative methods. These can include WebMoney, Skrill, NETELLER, bank wire, or check, among other choices. As with the deposit fees, one should check the terms and conditions to determine if there are any fees, minimums, or maximums to the withdrawal methods available.

Advantages of Using Yandex as a Casino Deposit Method

Yandex casinos offers a way for Russian and Russian speaking players to fund their online gambling.

  • Yandex offers instant cashback
  • Bank card options
  • Virtual card in one click
  • Convenience
  • Secure Online Payments

How We Select the Best Yandex Online Casinos

Selecting the top Yandex online casinos for players is based on at least six different points. These aspects are often how the casinos try to differentiate themselves from each other.


SSL encryption is necessary with the online world, but surprisingly there are some websites that do not have a high level of security that includes encryption. We aim to see if 128-bit SSL encryption is used at a casino.


Malta, Gibraltar, UK Gambling Commission, Kahnawake, and other licenses are required depending on which countries casinos accept players from. We check to make sure the licenses are in place.

Speed of Payouts

Players earn their winnings by spending their money, so why would anyone wish to choose a casino that takes its time processing the payouts or worse puts limits on how much can be withdrawn from an account.

Game Selection

Casinos with hundreds of games may have diverse slot themes. Casinos may not always have live dealers or plenty of variations of Table Games, so reviews look at the game selection to see if there is diversity.

Website Navigation

Is it easy to find the banking page? Can you gain answers to questions? Website navigation is about checking to see that a player will not become frustrated trying to enjoy their favorite games online.

Customer Service

Live chat, email, and phone are often the three methods of communication with a casino. Some casinos only provide email contact, which can be a drawback when you have immediate questions.


Players who still have questions may find the answers here in our frequently asked section.


Why should I use Yandex?

Yandex is known throughout the world, plus it is setup as a payment option with plenty of history as a company to trust. It mainly works for transfers in Russian speaking countries, but it is a solution for online casino play.


Is Yandex accepted at all online casinos?

No, many of the casinos that accept Yandex are available online in Russia, the Free States, and Eastern Europe. These sites are not going to accept US customers or anyone showing a US IP address.


Is my personal information safe?

Yes, Yandex has security in place to ensure personal details are not shared outside of its site.


Are there any fees?

Yes, there are fees, a commission when a transfer is under a certain amount, whether it is to a casino or not.


Can I claim a Welcome Bonus when depositing with Yandex?

Yes, in fact, there are Yandex special bonuses at some Yandex casinos. It is always important to check the terms and conditions, and to understand that bonuses change, so what is available now, many not be available in a month or two.


How are my winnings paid?

Winnings can be paid using alternative methods, should Yandex not be available for withdrawals. Often winnings will need to be through Wire Transfer or check for Russian players or those in Eastern or Central Europe.


Are there minimum or maximum deposit amounts?

Yes, from the perspective of Yandex there are fees associated with amounts under 4,000 R. Beyond the minimum, there may be additional minimums and maximums based on the casino of choice.


Yandex casinos are those that take Yandex as a deposit. When comparing the best Yandex online casinos players want to know that their deposit method is available, their information is secure, and the games they love are available. The reviews aim to help players figure this out, as well as what the payment provider can offer for players who wish to use it.

Players learned that as a deposit method there can be fees based on the amount transferred and there are certain transfer methods for using the eWallet in casinos. Online casinos with Yandex deposits are specialized, where not all online locations will accept players from certain countries or the payment methods available. It makes finding casinos and reducing your options to the top Yandex casino imperative.

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